Do you own a timeshare (or are considering buying one) that is a deeded week or points-based? We are going to discuss the different aspects of each and how they work with timeshare exchange. We know it can be confusing!

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Points Based Ownerships

Point-based timeshares can be found from brands like Disney Vacation Club and Hilton to name a few. Points are based on the desirability of the resort and the size of the unit. The points owned for a studio at Disney are likely to differ compared to owning a three bedroom timeshare at the same resort.

With points-based ownership, you can essentially use your points to “buy” time at other resorts. Generally, as long as you have enough points for the resort you want to stay at, you can stay there (depending, of course, on resort and unit availability.) The exchange network you can join is determined by your resort. Find out which network your resort is associated with so you can search your exchange options.

The points system allows for more flexibility compared to the weeks system. You can use your points to book different weeks through out the year at your home resort or others. One of the benefits of converting your weeks to points is that, for example, through RCI your points can translate into longer or multiple stays.

Deeded Week Timeshare

How does exchanging weeks work? Well, when you have this type of ownership, you can spend your week at another timeshare instead of your home resort. This is a great option if you vacation for the same amount of time each year. If you always go for a spring-break or holiday getaway that lasts a week, you may not feel the need to break up your timeshare week into smaller stays through out the year. You can still use networks like RCI and II to exchange your week.

Another perk of owning a deeded week is that you have booking priority at your home resort. That means you are able to reserve your unit during your week ahead of time. Points-based ownerships are great for those who like to keep their plans flexible.

How to Choose Between Points-Based and Weeks-Based?

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Deciding on which type of timeshare to pick can feel like a hard decision. Just consider your vacation values!

Do you want to visit lots of resorts, multiple times a year? Do you enjoy visiting the same place each year because it’s located near your favorite beach or city? Perhaps you only get so many days of vacation at work a year, or the kids can only travel in the spring or winter.

Writing down your vacation priorities can help you make the best choice for your family.

The perks of points-based ownership is that you can always purchase more points on the timeshare resale market. Additionally, you can rent out timeshares, too, before deciding you want to buy one.

Do you have a points-based or deeded week timeshare? Do you love timeshare exchange? Share your experience down below. For more information, check out how to buy a timeshare.

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