Timeshare Exchange: Points-Based vs. Deeded Weeks

Timeshare Exchange: Points-Based vs. Deeded Weeks

Is your timeshare a deed week or points-based? Or are you thinking of buying one? If so, you have come to the right place. The most common type of timeshare is a points-based one, followed by a deeded week. In this blog, we are going to discuss timeshare points vs. weeks and how they work with timeshare exchange.

What is Timeshare Exchange?

Timeshare exchange, commonly known as vacation exchange, is a platform where timeshare owners can trade their weeks or points for vacations outside of their home resort and developer. For example, if you own a timeshare in Florida that is affiliated with RCI, you can trade to vacation at an RCI Hawaii resort. It is important to realize that the “value” of your ownership may not be the same as your “value” on the exchange platform. 

The most common vacation exchange networks are RCI and Interval International. There are thousands of resorts and destinations offered by both RCI and II, but top brands are affiliated with one or the other. Before signing up for a timeshare exchange network, check with your developer to see if your resort is affiliated with them. Timeshare vacations aren’t the only services offered by these networks. Your membership can be used for cruises, adventures, flights, travel discounts, and rentals. Below is an outline of which developers affiliate with which resorts:

How Much Does Timeshare Exchange Cost?

There are fees when you join RCI or Interval International. RCI breaks their fees into RCI weeks and RCI points. Whereas an Interval International membership is $89 for one year, no matter if you own timeshare points vs. weeks. To learn more about RCI fees, check out this blog: 2023-2024 RCI Exchange Fees: A Complete Guide.

How Do Timeshare Points Work?

As a way to offer more flexibility to timeshare owners, most developers have moved to a points-based system. Point-based timeshares can be found in brands like Disney Vacation Club and Hilton, to name a few. Members now have the option of purchasing as many points as they wish. When and where you can travel directly depends on the number of points you own.

Points are based on the desirability of the resort and the size of the unit. The points owned for a studio at Disney are likely to differ compared to owning a three-bedroom timeshare at the same resort. When owners use timeshare points, they can customize their vacations exactly to their needs. The points system allows for more flexibility compared to the weeks system. You can use your points to book different times throughout the year at your home resort or others within your brand.

Exchanging Timeshare Points

With points-based ownership, you can essentially use your points to “buy” time at other resorts outside of your brand through timeshare exchange networks. Generally, as long as you have enough points for the resort you want to stay at, you can stay there (depending, of course, on resort and unit availability.) As mentioned above, the exchange network you can join is determined by your resort. Find out which network your resort is associated with so you can search your exchange options. By exchanging with RCI or II, you open up your options on resorts, developers, and locations.

How Do Timeshare Weeks Work?

Did you know timeshares started as deeded weeks? Deeded timeshares essentially give the owner a deed to the property. The owner can use the property, rent it out, or even exchange it for another property. Week-based timeshares are the type where you buy the right to vacation at a resort for the same week each year, usually indefinitely. Many timeshare owners find the perks of deeded week timeshares through security and excitement for their ritual getaway each year. You may not know this, but even fixed-week timeshares are often eligible for vacation exchange through RCI and Interval International. That means even with fixed-week ownership. You can still visit new places!

Another perk of owning a deeded week is that you have booking priority at your home resort. That means you are able to reserve your unit during your week ahead of time. Points-based ownerships are great for those who like to keep their plans flexible.

Exchanging Deeded Weeks

How does exchanging weeks work? Well, when you have this type of ownership, you can spend your week at another timeshare instead of your home resort when you join a vacation exchange network. One of the benefits of converting your weeks to points through vacation exchange is that, for example, through RCI, your points can translate into longer or multiple stays. If you always go for a spring break or holiday getaway that lasts a week, you may not feel the need to break up your timeshare week into smaller stays throughout the year, but you can if you want.

Timeshare Points vs. Weeks: Which Is Right For You?

Deciding on timeshare points vs. weeks can feel like a hard decision. Just consider your vacation values! Do you want to visit lots of resorts multiple times a year? Do you enjoy visiting the same place each year because it’s located near your favorite beach or city? Perhaps you only get so many days of vacation at work a year, or the kids can only travel in the spring or winter.

Writing down your vacation priorities can help you make the best choice for your family. Below is an outline of timeshare points vs. weeks to help you determine which you prefer!

Timeshare Points

  • Multiple Resort Options, Flexible Dates
  • Must Plan In Advance
  • Risk Of Not Getting Dates You Want
  • Take One Big Trip Or Multiple Smaller Trips
  • Bank Or Borrow Points
  • Timeshare Exchange With RCI Or II

Timeshare Weeks

  • Same Week, Same Resort Every Year
  • No Need To Plan
  • Guaranteed Vacation Dates
  • Create Family Traditions
  • Dates Cannot Be Changed
  • Timeshare Exchange With RCI Or II

Buy a Timeshare

You can always add to your point-based timeshare or become an owner on the resale market to find a good deal. We have timeshare weeks and points available in our marketplace. With a timeshare resale, you can find timeshares for sale at the best vacation clubs for a fraction of the cost. Browse our timeshare for sale now! Have questions about buying a timeshare? Give us a call today at 1-800-610-2734 or email us at  [email protected]. Our representatives are experts and are happy to help!

Rent a Timeshare to Try Before You Buy

Additionally, you can rent a timeshare, too, before deciding you want to buy one. This is a great idea for those who are interested in a deeded week, so you can try out your resort before you buy. Or, if you are interested in timeshare points, this is a great way to get to know the timeshare brands before you join. We have timeshares for rent in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, and so many more prime destinations. Browse our timeshare rentals now!

Do you have a points-based or deeded week timeshare? Do you love timeshare exchanges? Share your experience down below. For more information, check out our blog: How To Buy A Timeshare: What You Should Know.

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