Buying a lifetime of vacations at a dream-like resort or with a luxury travel club is an exciting experience! You may already have a brand in mind, like Marriott Vacation Club or Club Wyndham. You might just have a list of must-see destinations, such as Hawaii or the Bahamas. Either way, it started with “I want to buy a timeshare.” Before whipping out your wallet, make sure you know what to expect: like timeshare maintenance fees or the closing service costs at the table.

Even in a growing industry such as vacation ownership, many people make difficult decisions to sell their cherished timeshares. Whether it is because of a change in financial circumstances or because vacation preferences have changed, sometimes even happy owners need a change of pace. Vacation owners looking to exit or cancel their timeshare contracts are then faced with confusing options. If you’re on the verge of making the decision to sell your property, you might be wondering: what is the best way to get out of my timeshare?

Are timeshares bad?

Most people have a preconceived notion when it comes to timeshares. Some wonder if a timeshare is really worth it to buy. Whether it’s from personal experience or something a friend-of-a-friend said about their vacation ownership, it seems like everyone has an opinion. We highlight the top four myths pertaining to timeshares that the industry just can’t seem to shake. With more information out there than ever before, we can all be more informed about the way timeshares work and the value they hold.

These days it’s easy to see the draw of vacation ownership. With hectic work lives and increasing cost of vacations, more travelers are seeing timeshares as a viable alternative to the traditional vacation. For those looking into vacation ownership, timeshare resales are a great option to save money while still getting most of the same benefits. We’ve broken down everything you need to know before you decide to buy or sell a timeshare.