Traveling the world has never been easier, especially when you pair RCI timeshare exchange and RCI Travel membership with your vacation ownership. RCI is the world’s first-ever vacation exchange platform, giving timeshare owners the ability to trade their points or weeks for resorts and experiences outside of their club brand. With membership, there are also different incentive programs and rewards available to add on, such as RCI Travel.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a timeshare, you’re probably doing as much research as possible to really understand the process. You may have even come across the possibility of buying or selling a timeshare on eBay. While the low prices on e-commerce sites may entice you, you should definitely proceed with caution before buying a timeshare on a site like this. Likewise, with selling a timeshare on eBay, it may seem easier to list it yourself without getting anyone else involved. Sure, this may eliminate the “middle man,” but it also puts you at risk of getting scammed! Before you buy or sell timeshares on eBay, here is what you should know.

In a world where you can rent anything, it’s no surprise that you can also rent a timeshare. If you’re a timeshare owner looking to rent out your property, then look no further. We have all you need to know about the process of how to rent a timeshare property for both renters and owners! Keep reading to figure out how to rent out your timeshare or borrow one for your next trip.

Hawaii is one of the most desirable vacation destinations because it truly is a place of paradise. As much as it’s a dream getaway, situations can get in the way if you’re a timeshare owner. Life can have a way of changing our vacation plans. Whether it’s because of financial reasons, health-related, or the impact of the pandemic as a whole, if you’re looking to sell a timeshare in Hawaii, here’s all you need to know!

If you’re looking into how timeshare points work, we’d bet you’re interested in buying a timeshare or are at least considering it. The easiest way to understand how vacation club or timeshare points work is to think of them as a currency. The more points you have to spend, the more vacations/better resorts/longer stays you can book. Find out how many points you need, how they work, and where to buy them.

Fixed week timeshares are the original form of timesharing. Today the vacation world has moved to primarily points-based timeshares, but fixed week properties still have their benefits. If you value vacationing the same time each year or have a favorite resort you return to each trip, fixed week timeshares may be right for you, especially when you shop the timeshare resale market. Not to mention, your vacation time is guaranteed every year and it helps take out some of the stressful planning.

Interval International is one of the largest vacation exchange companies, giving timeshare owners the option to trade their weeks or points for thousands of other vacation destinations and experiences. Interval International resorts are affiliated with II, and include some of the best in the world. Not to mention, members of the exchange platform can gain other benefits too, such as discounts on cruises or airfare.

A new year is here and it’s time to start planning your vacations. The best place to get started? Well, if you’re a timeshare owner, we recommend checking out the timeshare weeks calendar for 2022. If you’re just curious about timeshare, we can help with that, too. Our rentals selection is stocked for vacationers just like you.

Are you no longer using your timeshare? Have timeshare maintenance fees started to pile up or has a lifestyle change made it more difficult to hold onto? For whatever reason it may be, there are many people just like you wondering how to sell a timeshare. Despite what you may have read or heard on how to sell a timeshare, our experts are here to help every step of the way.

Ever wonder how timeshare owners are able to travel the world? One of the best benefits of timeshare is the ability to use vacation exchange networks. What is vacation exchange? People who own timeshares can trade their weeks or points on popular platforms, like RCI or Interval International. Some vacation ownership brands even have their own internal exchange options.