RCI makes it easy to take the vacation of your dreams. RCI Points allow you to travel to over 4,000 resorts within the RCI catalog. With an RCI Points membership, owners can use their points to stay at incredible resorts outside of their home vacation club!

About RCI

RCI Points

RCI, AKA Resort Condominiums International, is the world’s first vacation exchange platform. Founders Jon and Christel DeHaan pioneered a way for vacation owners to exchange their stays at their home resorts for a stay at other resorts. Vacation exchange networks allow timeshare owners to visit a new destination every year. When using RCI Points, the opportunities are endless.

RCI is affiliated with some of the world’s top timeshare brands. For example, you can use RCI points at Wyndham, Hilton and even Disney Vacation Club resorts.

In order to be a member of RCI, you must own a timeshare and pay yearly yearly fees for membership.

What are RCI Points?

An RCI Points membership allows owners to use their vacation points at resorts all around the world. Owners are assigned a certain amount of points, based on their ownership. The point value is the number of points that you are allocated each year to use for vacation exchange. The amount of points members are assigned depends on a few things. Firstly, the popularity of the resort impacts the number of points. Additionally, the size of the unit and the season of the ownership are big factors in point value as well.

Points can also be used for other member perks. RCI Points can be used for saving money on flights, rental cars, and other hotel stays. With RCI Travel, you will receive member-exclusive pricing on those vacation essentials. You can also get the best price on cruises and can even receive up to $1,500 onboard credit when booking through RCI Cruise.

Why RCI Points Are Worth It

RCI Points

RCI Points offer vacation owners the ultimate flexibility. Owners can choose exactly when and where they want to vacation. Plus, with a points-based membership, owners are able to book the number of nights they need. Owners aren’t required to book week-long vacations, they can book just one night if need be!

RCI Points can be saved and borrowed. If you don’t need to use all of your points one year, you can save them for your next year’s vacation. If you need a couple of extra points, you can borrow them from your next year’s allotment. However you need to use your points, RCI accommodates that.

Another great perk of RCI Points is that you can split them however you want within the year. You aren’t limited to just one vacation per year like traditional timeshare owners are. As long as you have enough points, you can vacation as much as you want!

Extra Vacations and Last Call Vacations

RCI Points

RCI has a few ways for owners to expand their vacation options. Extra Vacations allows you access to RCI’s timeshare resort inventory to book a getaway. There’s no need to exchange your points for these vacations. You can buy a week at any available resort, so you can choose from thousands of resorts at incredible prices.

Last Call Vacations are last-minute getaways that are able to be confirmed within 45 days of check-in. These week-long stays are similar to Extra Vacations but are heavily discounted. A studio unit can be less than $300 and a two-bedroom can be less than $350. You don’t need Points in your account to book these amazing last-minute vacations.

Browse Timeshare Resales

Now that you know more about RCI points, you may be interested in starting vacation ownership. At Timeshares Only, we have a wide selection of timeshares associated with RCI that you can check out through our online marketplace. Call us today at 1-800-213-7733 for more assistance.


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