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About Bluegreen

Bluegreen Vacations is one of the most tech-savvy and forward thinking timeshare companies that exist, providing flexibility and value to over 213,000 vacation owners. Bluegreen offers vacation ownership at more than 60 resorts within their portfolio, which is always expanding into new destinations. Vacation owners also have access to over 11,000 hotels and resorts worldwide through partnerships and a third-party exchange program. With this wide range of accommodations, Bluegreen Vacations timeshare use options are nearly endless.

History of Bluegreen Vacations

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What is the difference between Club Resorts and Club Associate Resorts?
Bluegreen Vacation Club timeshares are divided into two categories: Club Resorts and Club Associate Resorts. Club Resorts are properties originally developed, owned and managed by Bluegreen Vacations. Club Associate Resorts were not originally developed by Bluegreen. These affiliate properties were added to expand Bluegreen's portfolio and offer vacationers even more destinations.
How does Bluegreen Vacations ownership work?
When you purchase a Bluegreen Vacations timeshare, a deeded interest in the property is held in trust. By holding a deeded interest in a Bluegreen resort, you become a Bluegreen Vacation Club Member. All ownership is forever. Once you purchase a Bluegreen timeshare, you own your property in perpetuity. That means your children and their children can enjoy the benefits of vacation ownership, too.

Bluegreen offers three types of timeshares: fixed week, flex week and a points system. Fixed week owners are deeded a single unit for a specific week each year. Owners looking for more flexibility can opt for a flex week option. Owning a flex week option means that your week rotates throughout the year. Flex weeks allow all owners of a given unit to visit during the resort's most popular week.

You can also purchase a timeshare that is assigned a point value. The amount of points your timeshare is assigned is based on a number of factors. How popular your resort is, the demand for the week and the size and type of the unit can affect your point valuation. Points can be exchanged on a third-party vacation exchange known as Resort Condominiums International (RCI). Using RCI's points system allows you to use the value of your timeshare to travel the world on your own schedule!
How to use Bluegreen Points and Flex Weeks

The point system acts as a support for the existing deeded interest an owner receives when purchasing a Bluegreen timeshare. You may use your points to purchase a vacation at any of the Bluegreen Club or Associate Resorts. 

Since Bluegreen Vacations has partnered with RCI's vacation exchange program, you can use your Bluegreen points almost anywhere in the world. Owners may choose to save points instead of going on vacation or borrow points from the next year. These features give vacation owners the maximum flexibility when planning their next vacation. 


How to buy Bluegreen Points on the resale market

Buying timeshare on the resale market gives you the potential to save thousands of dollars! Own a piece of your favorite vacation spot today, or add on to existing Bluegreen Points by shopping the current timeshares for sale on the market...

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Affiliated with RCI
Flexible Dates

How to Use Bluegreen Points and Flex Weeks to Travel the World

As an innovative vacation ownership company, Bluegreen prides itself on giving you the tools you need to understand your vacation ownership purchase. Bluegreen vacation packages are available for those interested in trying the timeshare experience before buying. Vacation packages include complimentary tickets to Walt Disney World or a 3-day stay in the heart of Las Vegas. Exciting new offers can become available at any t ...

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