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About Holiday Inn Club

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is one of the best vacation clubs to join for families and couples alike. Offering over 25 resorts in the most sought-after destinations like Orlando, Cape Canaveral, and Las Vegas, Holiday Inn Club timeshares can offer incredible vacations.

Owners can expect comfortable accommodations, access to over 5,000 hotels across the world, and superb customer service with Holiday Inn Club timeshares. As one of the most trusted brands in the hospitality industry, Holiday Inn is also part of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

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How Holiday Inn Club Timeshares Work

What is Holiday Inn Club Vacations?

What Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations?

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is a timeshare company under the Holiday Inn hospitality brand. Unlike traditional timeshare companies, Holiday Inn Club offers points-based ownership, giving members access to over 25 resorts within the brand's portfolio. Furthermore, Holiday Inn points can be used any time of year, and owners can decide how they want to spend them. Enjoy a stay-cation at Orange Lake for the weekend, and spend the rest on a getaway to the Smoky Mountains. Take the entire family, plus relatives in Signature Collection villas, or get cozy with a significant other in Studio villas.

How to Use Holiday Inn Club Points

How to Use Holiday Inn Club Points

Holiday Inn Club Vacations allows owners to make the most of their vacation ownership by offering an annual allotment of points. When you join Holiday Inn Club Vacations, you decide on which resort will be your "Home" resort. Your Home resort is where you will have priority booking windows to make reservations, and it goes on your deed. Your Home resort ownership determines how many Holiday Inn points you receive every year. The annual point allotment is determined on a number of factors, such as your Home resort popularity, week number, size/type of unit, and more.

Holiday Inn Club Points can be used in multiple ways:

  • Use at any Holiday Inn Club branded property
  • Exchange Holiday Inn Club Points for IHG Rewards Club points to stay at over 4,500 hotels worldwide as part of the InterContinental Hotels Group family of hotels
  • Exchange Holiday Inn Club Points through any of RCI's 4,300+ resorts all over the world
  • Redeem Holiday Inn Club Points for plane tickets, car rental, cruises, vacation packages, excursions, event and attraction tickets, hotels, resorts, and more!

Using the points system allows you to use the value of your timeshare to travel the world on your own schedule.

IHG Rewards Club

IHG Rewards Club

As an owner of Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare, you can take advantage of the IHG Rewards Club. A free membership program open to the public, the IHG Rewards Club offers frequent guests the opportunity to accrue points and benefits that are redeemable for all kinds of travel rewards.

Exchange with RCI & II

Exchange Holiday Inn With RCI & II

Holiday Inn Club Vacations owners can use their points on third-party vacation exchange networks, like RCI or Interval International. Check with your Home resort first to find out which exchange company it is affiliated with. Once you determine whether your Holiday Inn points can be traded on RCI or II, you will be able to sign up and trade your ownership for thousands of other resorts or hotels worldwide.

With vacation exchange, you can use your points to book stays at thousands of affiliate resorts, as well as apply them towards airfare, car rentals, vacation packages, excursions, guided tours, high adventure trips, attraction and events tickets, and so much more! Using these perks can help you make the best of your timeshare by allowing you to enjoy your ownership for a stay almost anywhere in the world.

Holiday Inn Club Resorts

Holiday Inn Club Resorts

Holiday Inn Club Vacations focuses on giving its guests the joy of affordable lifetime vacations at more than 25 resorts and over 7,500 villas. Resorts like Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando offer families a wide selection of recreational activities. A 1,200 ft. lazy river, Putt-Putt golf, and full arcade make a vacation at a Holiday Inn timeshare fun for every member of your family. Browse Orange Lake Resort timeshares for sale.

Or, take a trip to Las Vegas with Holiday Inn's Desert Club Resort. Located just off the Las Vegas Strip, Desert Club Resort offers a family-friendly experience in the heart of Sin City. Lounge at one of five pools on the property, savor delicious cocktails at the Gold Mine Bar & Grill, or venture out the explore the Mojave Desert. Browse Holiday Inn Desert Club Resort timeshares for sale.

Holiday Inn POINTShield

Holiday Inn POINTShield

Holiday Inn Club Vacations also offers members the ability to purchase POINTShield protection when making reservations. This unique add-on acts as vacation insurance, protecting your Club Points in case you need to cancel your vacation plans. Here's how it works:

  • Request POINTShield at the time of reservation (unless you are an Elite Member, then it is included!)
  • In case of a change of plans like severe weather, illness, last-minute cancellations, etc., PointShield will protect your Club Points and you can receive 100% of your points back.
How to Purchase Holiday Inn Timeshare

How to Purchase Holiday Inn Timeshare

You can join Holiday Inn Club Vacations when you buy their timeshare points directly from one of their 25+ resorts. A sales representative will walk you through ownership benefits and help you determine if vacation ownership is a good fit for you. If you already own Holiday Inn Club timeshare, or are put-off by the cost of ownership, you can also browse Holiday Inn Club timeshares for sale on the resale market. Timeshare resales can be bought at a fraction of the price than when you buy directly from Holiday Inn. Plus, you can browse freely online at top Holiday Inn Club resorts for contracts with the specific weeks or points you are looking for.

How Much Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations?

The cost of Holiday Inn Club Vacations ownership can vary from resort, week number, annual point allotment, unit type, and more. Depending on your travel preferences, you can find a Holiday Inn timeshare for sale that fits your lifestyle. When you purchase directly from Holiday Inn, a baseline ownership can cost several thousand dollars. You can also browse Holiday Inn timeshare resale on our resort marketplace for great deals at top resorts.

Our friends at Vacation Club Loans also offer timeshare financing with low rates and fast online approval. With as little as 10% down, you can view the Monthly Payment Calculator on each Holiday Inn timeshare for sale on our marketplace to determine monthly payments.

You should also consider the annual timeshare maintenance fees. With every vacation club, owners must pay annual fees and dues. These go towards resort up-keep, renovations, etc. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), maintenance fees cost an average of $1000 per year.

Perks of owning Holiday Inn Club timeshare

Affiliated with RCI
Flexiblity on YOUR Schedule

Purchasing a Holiday Inn Timeshare allows you to do more than travel to your home resort each year. Holiday Inn Club Vacations members also receive complimentary enrollment in IHG Rewards Club. Enrollment in the club gives owners access to IHG's range of hotels. Familiar IHG brands include InterContinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza hotels, Hotel Indigo, and EVEN hotels. Members can convert their Holiday Inn Club Vacations points into rewards they can use at almost any IHG hotel.

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