It’s true. Timeshares are a big commitment. Chances are, if you’re considering purchasing a timeshare, you are doing research on the internet, calling resorts and reading what vacation owners are saying about specific resorts. If you live near a resort, you’ve probably also attended a timeshare presentation.  Luckily, vacation ownership is also a purchase that can increase your happiness year after year. Timeshare rentals are a great option to try before you buy a resort or location before making the big purchase.

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Timeshares can offer vacation owners much more spacious and luxurious accommodations than the average hotel room. Still, if you could try before you buy into a resort, wouldn’t you? The good news is: you can try out a timeshare before you buy.

There are two different ways prospective timeshare owners can try before they buy:

  • Signing up for a Getaway through the resort developer, or
  • Renting a timeshare on Timeshares Only’s easy-to-use online marketplace.

Timeshare Getaways, Vacation Packages and Sales Presentations


Timeshare getaways are steeply discounted short vacation packages offered by resort developers in an effort help prospective owners get the full vacation ownership experience. Typical timeshare getaways include 3-day/2-night stay in Orlando for under $100 or a 2-night trip to Vegas for $299. Getaways usually offer other perks too, like discounted (or complimentary) tickets to local attractions.

This sounds like an unbelievable vacation deal, right? Who would say no to a luxury vacation priced at pennies on the dollar? At this point, you may be wondering, “What’s the catch?”

Timeshare getaways are a great way to visit your resort but there is one caveat. In most cases, recipients of vacation packages are expected to attend a timeshare presentation. This is usually structured as a sales pitch and typically lasts about 90 minutes. During these presentations, timeshare professionals will share information about the resort and encourage you to purchase a vacation property of your very own.

This can be a great thing if you’ve loved your stay and are ready to sign on the dotted line! On the other hand, if you’re not quite sure you want to buy into that particular resort, attending a 90 minutes sales presentation can put a damper on your weekend. You might even fall prey to high-pressure tactics and end up paying for something that you weren’t sure you were up for yet.

Timeshare Rentals: A No Hassle Way to Try Before You Buy

The second way to “try before you buy” a vacation ownership property is to book a timeshare rental through a reputable timeshare resale company. Using a timeshare rental service allows you to experience the full vacation ownership experience available at that resort. Just like the owners of the property, you will be able to experience the same week, at the same resort, and more often than not, with the same amenities as if you owned the property. It’s not a two-day getaway–it’s a full vacation at the resort of your choice, at your preferred vacation time.

timeshare rentals
Disney Vacation Club’s Polynesian Resort

Timeshares Only has 25 years of experience helping buyers, sellers and renters meet their vacation goals. Our site offers vacationers an easy way to find their dream vacation rental. Simply head over to our rental page. There, you’ll be able to search for affordable vacation rentals located at luxurious vacation club resorts all over the world.

Once you find a property you like, click the “Make an Offer” button to submit your offer. A member of our rental department will contact you to finalize your timeshare rental and answer any questions you may have.

And the best part? All of our rentals are posted by owners motivated to sell their timeshare properties. That means that if you love your vacation rental, you can make an offer to buy it!

Vacation Rentals Can Help You Travel the World

Whether you want to relax on the beach in the Bahamas, take in the fall air in Gatlinburg, Tennessee or have the family vacation of a lifetime in Orlando, a vacation rental can help you get there while saving you money.

 Some of the most popular timeshare rental locations include:


Browse our extensive collection of vacation ownership properties and start planning your dream getaway, today!

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