What Is Vacation Exchange?

Timeshare Exchange

The travel possibilities are endless for a timeshare owner. One of the significant highlights of owning a timeshare is joining timeshare exchange companies like RCI or Interval International. With a timeshare exchange company, vacation owners can trade their weeks or points to vacation in other parts of the world from their home resort. Are you interested in learning more about what a vacation exchange is? Well, continue reading to get the full scoop on how it works and how you can enhance your vacation experiences today! 

What Is Vacation Exchange?

As a timeshare owner, you can join major exchange companies like RCI and Interval International. Each vacation ownership brand is usually affiliated with one of the two, so double-check with your resort developer before signing up. Aside from RCI and II, there are several other timeshare exchange companies out there, and we’ll go over them later. But for now, RCI and II are the most popular options for vacation exchange. 

How Does Vacation Exchange Work?

How Vacation Exchange Works

The exchange process is quite simple. So, once you become a member of a timeshare exchange company, you can deposit your timeshare week or points for vacations almost anywhere in the world. Remember that the “value” of your ownership doesn’t equal the same “value” as another on your exchange platform. For example, a Disney Vacation Club resort in Orlando might have a higher “cost” on II than a Welk Resort in San Diego. If you own 200 Diamond Resorts points, they don’t necessarily trade for 200 Club Wyndham points on RCI. 

Before becoming a member of an exchange company, you must note that you are expected to pay membership fees. Exchange companies charge members exchange fees and an annual membership fee to complete vacation exchanges. 

Timeshare Exchange Companies

The top vacation exchange companies include RCI and Interval International. Wyndham Destinations owns RCI (also known as Resort Condominiums International). Marriott Vacations Worldwide, the parent company of Marriott Vacation Club, Hyatt Vacation Club, and Vistana, owns Interval International.

Top resort developers like Marriott, Hilton, and more are affiliated with either RCI or II, but both offer thousands of resorts and destinations. These networks provide more than just timeshare vacations; they offer numerous exciting benefits. Use your membership for cruises, adventurous excursions, travel discounts, and rentals. Exchange companies are an excellent system for providing timeshare owners with exclusive benefits and travel opportunities. 

Some timeshare developers also created their own in-network exchange company. Grand Pacific Resorts offers owners GPX (Grand Pacific Exchange) at little extra cost for a more straightforward, more streamlined trading process. Other great examples include Club Wyndham or Shell Vacations Club. These internal exchange networks provide owners more than 50 resorts to explore within their memberships.

RCI Vacation Exchange

What is Vacation Exchange? RCI

As the first-ever vacation exchange company, RCI paved the way for similar models of timeshare exchange worldwide. It is the world’s leading global provider of timeshare exchanges with over 35,000 exchange options, 3.8 million members, and resorts in 110+ countries. In addition, RCI offers the world’s leading timeshare exchange services through RCI points, the world’s first points-based exchange system. RCI is available for timeshare owners to exchange both points and weeks-based timeshares. Membership fees are associated with joining, but you gain access to cruises, flights, last-call stays, and more. Below are some of the timeshares brands associated with RCI:

Interval International Vacation Exchange

What is Vacation Exchange? II

Marriott Vacations Worldwide purchased Interval International (II), which has quickly followed suit in the growing timeshare industry. II has been an operating business for nearly 50 years. This vacation exchange company has over 3.2k+ resorts, 2 million members, and 80+ countries to choose from, making the travel possibilities endless! 

With II, you can join a community of travel lovers. As part of the varying memberships this brand offers, you can book flights and cruises. In addition, rental cars and extended-stay vacations outside your timeshare ownership come with membership. Similar to RCI, owners of both timeshare points and weeks can travel worldwide at amazing timeshare resorts. Additionally, Interval-affiliated resorts from brands associated with Interval International are:

RCI vs. Interval International: The Main Differences

comprehensive exchange services

Aside from the difference in affiliated brands, there are some critical differences between RCI and II vacation exchange companies. The customer experience while using each exchange network can vary based on the company, membership, and leisure services, which is the most apparent difference.

Point Value

With both RCI and II, the timeshare weeks/points timeshare owners deposit to exchange are given a value. A few factors determine the value of your deposited timeshare, including resort destination, season, and unit size. For example, a timeshare for the week between Christmas and New Year’s will have more value than a random week in February. The value of your timeshare determines what will be available for you to exchange. RCI shows its members the value of their timeshare, while II does not. This transparency allows members to see the difference between a week being unavailable and you not being able to “afford” the exchange. There is no confusion about why the timeshare week you want may be unavailable to you. While each exchange network experience can vary based on the company, membership, and leisure services, this is the most apparent difference.

Exchange Filters

When searching for vacations on RCI or II, you will experience different filters for vacation results. Both networks filter out the exchanges you cannot afford based on the value of your deposited timeshare. However, II also filters out the results it believes aren’t equal in value to your current timeshares and, therefore, not worth exchanging for. This could be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on whether you want to see every possible option to exchange for or not. It may take longer to sift through the options on RCI, but you will be able to view every timeshare vacation available to you.

RCI vs II: Can I Switch from Interval International to RCI?

Airplane Travel

It’s important to note that switching timeshare exchange companies is a complex process. If you own a timeshare with one brand, you can’t simply “switch” to another. Additionally, your developer brand is typically affiliated with either RCI or II. For example, if you own with Marriott, switching your timeshare exchange membership to RCI will not provide any benefits. However, if your resort has dual affiliations, meaning it’s affiliated with both RCI and II, then switching memberships is a possibility. To get a clear understanding of your resort’s affiliations, it’s best to contact your developer directly.

Other Vacation Exchange Companies

Grand Pacific Exchange (GPX)

If you’re an owner with Grand Pacific Resorts, you have complimentary access to GPX, a private timeshare exchange company. GPX offers its members thousands of destinations, affiliate hotels, and travel fares. What’s more, you can “hold” an exchange you’re interested in until 4 p.m. PST the next day without putting a deposit down. Members can also extend their exchange credits for up to 12 months for a minimal fee. 

Popular Grand Pacific Resorts properties include:

SFX Vacation Exchange

SFX Preferred Resorts is an additional timeshare exchange network you can join as a timeshare owner. With over 300,000 registered members and more than 18,000 affiliate resorts, SFX offers one central point for owners to trade their timeshare. SFX also provides discounts to members on cruises, last-minute deals, and hotels. Deposited weeks are available to trade for up to 36 months, and the exchange fee starts at just $149 USD. 

Popular SFX Preferred Resorts properties include:

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