What’s the difference between a timeshare vs a hotel? And which is right for you? The main difference is that hotels are booked on a singular basis whereas timeshares offer long-term memberships. Timeshares are best known for creating a vacation club experience for those who purchase them. If you are looking to join a family of vacation lovers, world-renowned brands and priority vacations, buying a timeshare may be right for you.

Timeshare vs Hotel

Are you considering buying a timeshare or booking a hotel for your next getaway? Below we have outlined timeshares vs hotels in detail so you can make the right decision for yourself. We’ll consider the differences in accommodation, value, amenities, and more. Hotels are thought to be an easier option to booking vacations, but timeshares are a worthy competitor when you weigh out all they offer.

Becoming a timeshare owner means you gain priority access to your favorite timeshare resort. Meaning, the resort you purchase a timeshare at.

In essence, you own property under a time-sharing agreement. So, you could own a specific week at a timeshare resort, and every year you have a guaranteed spot at the resort for that week. Timeshares are also known as vacation ownership.

Alternatively, you can own timeshare points, which work like your “vacation currency” within your vacation ownership club. So, essentially, you have the right to use the property you’ve bought into regardless if you buy points or a week. Timeshare points can be used at multiple resorts within your club’s portfolio during any time of year. Spend, borrow, and bank for ultimate flexibility.

Types Of Timeshare

Of course, understanding the types of timeshares can help you determine if buying one is right for you. Here are the most common use-cases of timeshares:

Floating week timeshare: Owners have the ability to reserve a vacation during certain times throughout the year.
Fixed week: The traditional timeshare—owners have one fixed-week that they are eligible to book a vacation at their chosen resort.
Points-based: This is the most common type of timeshare now. Owners purchase a number of points that renew every year. Owners can book a vacation at their preferred resort or within the resort’s network as many times a year they like, as long as they have the points amount to do so.

Timeshare vs Hotel: Accommodations

Of course, most hotel accommodations include a bathroom, a bed and a microwave, depending on where you stay. With a timeshare, however, you receive even more. Many timeshares have whirlpool bathtubs, private balconies, in-unit kitchens, separate living spaces, and locking bedroom doors.

Did you know the average timeshare suite is 3x larger than the average hotel room? That’s a lot of space. Imagine having your very own vacation condo waiting for you every year. Of course, it sounds pretty ideal if you ask us! Some units are also known as lock-offs, which means you can completely close off one side of your unit for privacy. To recap: top perks include a separate living and dining room, potential beachfront or lakefront access, a washer and dryer and a full kitchen.


A major difference between timeshare vs hotels is the amenities. Undoubtedly, both hotels and timeshares are designed with vacationers in mind, but timeshares go above and beyond. Amenities at timeshare resorts typically include in-and-outdoor pools, golf courses, excursions, fine dining, casinos, snow and water sports, waterslides, and night entertainment as well as proximity to amusement parks. The amenities make the difference for many timeshare owners. They enjoy the ease of access to spas and dining right on site. Owners who buy a timeshare enjoy these benefits year after year.

The Cost of Timeshare vs Hotel

On each of our timeshare postings, you can evaluate the cost of timeshare vs. hotel very easily. For assistance, contact us at [email protected] or call us at (407) 465-2250.

Of course, looking at the cost of a timeshare vs hotel is critical to making the right decision for your vacations. Buying a timeshare is often seen as a luxury item, but when you buy on the resale market, you can find many reasonably priced options for your budget. Not to mention, timeshares are known to save families money over time. However, are not considered an investment.

As we mentioned above, points-based timeshares give owners the ability to book vacations multiple times a year if they have the right amount of points. Not sure how many points to get? Consult with our timeshare experts, or partake in your own research. Not to mention, many of your favorite hotel brands also have a vacation ownership program you can become part of.

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