A change in lifestyle may have you thinking about how to sell your Bluegreen timeshare. Selling Bluegreen points or weeks is very possible with the right help. There are so many different directions to go, with companies out there that claim they can help you. If you’re asking “Can I sell my Bluegreen timeshare?” you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the step-by-step so you can sell your timeshare with confidence.

The Best Way to Get Out of Bluegreen Timeshare

You may have seen TV commercials or billboards about timeshare “exit,” timeshare lawyers and “canceling your timeshare contract.” The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking of selling your Bluegreen points is that a lot of these claims are scams. Timeshare exit companies and cancellation lawyers normally ask for outrageous up-front fees to get rid of your ownership.

Selling bluegreen points
Daytona Seabreeze

Before choosing which route you want to go to sell your Bluegreen vacation ownership, contact Bluegreen first. Large developers can give you trustworthy recommendations and refer you to a resale service. Some even have in-house programs to help owners find relief from their timeshare. Most importantly, companies that are members of ARDA adhere to strict guidelines and code of ethics in order to keep timeshare owners’ best interests in mind.

ARDA does not recognize the timeshare exit teams or cancellation lawyers you hear about on the radio. Selling your timeshare back to the resort or posting it for sale on the secondary market are the best ways to get out of a Bluegreen timeshare.


“Can I Sell My Bluegreen Timeshare?”

Timeshare began as a way for buyers to own vacations for life. Some could even pass onto other family members when the original owner passed away. Before, families could travel to the same place every year for vacation. Today, travelers are much more interested in seeing new places, having flexibility and enjoying new experiences. Today’s timeshare owners find satisfaction with points and money they save on vacations. However, when owners face a lifestyle change or financial burden, the resale market can help.

“Can I sell my Bluegreen timeshare?” The answer is yes, especially when you have the right resources and guidance. Whether you own Bluegreen points, a fixed or flex week, Timeshares Only can help you post it for sale.

Putting Bluegreen Timeshare on the Resale Market

If you’ve decided to go ahead with selling your Bluegreen points or week, the first step is calling your resort. They will refer you to resources that can help you get out of your ownership, safely and legally. Our online resale marketplace is a trusted source to post your Bluegreen timeshare for sale.

Timeshares Only has over 25 years of experience helping owners find relief from their timeshares. Attracting hundreds of buyers daily, we’re trusted by top developers and named the number one recommended service. As experts in the industry, we are committed to helping you sell your Bluegreen timeshare with trust and security.

Our Process

When you are ready to get started, we’ll collect all the details about your ownership to create an eye-catching advertisement. To make the process even more seamless, gather up a copy of your deed and your latest maintenance bill—this will really help! Once our marketing superstars put your ad together, it’s posted for sale across a variety of platforms to attract the right buyer.

After getting an offer, a licensed real estate agent from Fidelity Resales will contact you to go over the details, with your permission. We recommend using their services to facilitate the closing process, but it is entirely up to you. A Fidelity Resales agent can help with negotiations, navigate the Right of First Refusal, as well as transfer funds and ownership. Licensed real estate agents at Fidelity Resales specialize in the timeshare secondary market and will be the most knowledgeable source to help you with the entire closing process.

When selling a Bluegreen timeshare, Bluegreen has the right to purchase your points or week back at the same price as your offer, or waive this right to allow the sale to continue. This is known as the ROFR and can take several weeks to get through.

After the ROFR is over, all of the closing contracts are put together to sign. This final process also requires a title transfer company—your licensed Fidelity Real Estate agent will refer one or you may choose your own. Don’t forget to choose a licensed and credible company!

About Bluegreen

Bluegreen Vacations offers owners a flexible, points-based timeshare program that gives you the advantage of choosing a new vacation experience every year. With five different collections that make it easy to plan your next trip with Bluegreen, owners can enjoy the world’s best beaches, highest mountains and brightest cities.

About Bluegreen

Outdoor enthusiasts love their Bluegreen ownership as well because of the incredible experiences in nature. Bluegreen is even the official vacation ownership provider of Bass Pro Shops with amazing resorts like Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks.

Bluegreen Big Cedar Lodge
Wilderness Club at Big Cedar

Not interested in points? Bluegreen also offers fixed week or flex week options, for owners that don’t need extra flexibility.

Those looking for Bluegreen resales love the outstanding amenities, excellent customer service and exciting locations that Bluegreen offers. What’s not to love about having access to over 60 resorts in the brand’s portfolio? Over 200,000 owners only add to the brand’s popularity.

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