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What's Inside:
  • The Resale Industry Basics From how the timeshare resale industry began to an industry snapshot, we break down how to unload your timeshare responsibly and what your options are
  • Avoiding Misleading Companies Unsolicited phone calls, Viking ships, "exit" and "cancellation" are just a few of the timeshare resale scams out there. As a seller, you need to be aware of all the red flags
  • Creating Your Advertisement An explanation of our process to creating your eye-catching, online advertisement of your timeshare for sale and how you can put more eyes on your property
  • Step-by-step Timeshare Closing and Transfer Process What to expect in the timeshare purchasing process and tips from our experts on how to navigate and negotiate along the way
  • Glossary of Timeshare Terminology The timeshare industry seems to have made up its own language! Peek through the glossary for timeshare definitions
  • The Most Important Checklist to Selling Your Timeshare Do you Know What You Own? The most important first step before posting your timeshare for sale is making sure the details of your ownership are right, so the best buyer can come along
    • Your Resort Brand Do you own with Club Wyndham, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Bluegreen? There are so many different vacation ownership brands, resorts and locations
    • Deed & Usage There are a few popular timeshare deeds or usage types for owners. Perpetuity, right to use, and vacation club membership are just a few ways you might own your timeshare
    • 2019-2021 Timeshare Week Calendar Converting dates to the timeshare week calendar can be confusing. Use the calendar in the guide as a reference so you can determine what week you own
    • And More...Do you know everything that goes into selling a timeshare? The most important checklist is included, so you can be prepared when it comes to unloading your ownership