Timeshare Wins Against Exit Companies

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Timeshare exit has been an increasingly prevalent tactic for unhappy owners looking for relief from their timeshares. Although the timeshare industry is showing nine years of consecutive growth and peak owner satisfaction, the media has painted a different story. Frequent travelers and adventure-seekers love their vacation ownership and the advantages timeshare brings them.

However, top developer brands like Wyndham, Bluegreen or Holiday Inn Club Vacations recognize that lifestyle changes happen. Years down the road, the maintenance fees might become more difficult to keep up with, or maybe you’re just not using your timeshare as much as you used to.

Exit companies or attorneys target unhappy owners that need a way out, charging steep up-front fees without delivering their promise. This has become a huge issue for both developer brands and owners, forcing the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), owners and developers into action. Responsibleexit.com is a free online resource that can help guide you in the right direction.

A Running List of Wins Against Timeshare Exit

  1. Westgate Win Against Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates
  2. Diamond Resorts Permanent Injunction Against Timeshare Exit Company, Castle Law Group PC
  3. The Latest Timeshare Scam in Las Vegas Exposed
  4. The BBB Reviews Timeshare “Exit” Teams
  5. Orange Lake Resort Lawsuit Results in Timeshare Attorney Disbarment
  6. Bluegreen’s Stance Against Timeshare Exit Companies
  7. Welk Vs Timeshare Exit Team
  8. $500,000 Judgment Against Real Travel, Fraudulent Timeshare Exit Company

Make the Right Choice: Exit from Timeshare Safely and Legally

There are so many resources out there to get out of your timeshare legally. The last thing any brand developer wants is for their owners to turn to unsafe, illegal methods of timeshare cancellation. The first step if you decide you need to get rid of your ownership is to call your developer. They will give you options that can help and refer you to trustworthy companies recognized by ARDA.

The Timeshare Exit Team is not a recognized company by ARDA and does not follow their strict code of ethics. Before turning to a timeshare exit company or cancellation attorney, weigh out your options first.

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