Bluegreen Vacation’s MountainLoft provides all the comfort you need to make your Gatlinburg timeshare stay a home away from home. Located in Tennessee, the Bluegreen Vacations MountainLoft transports timeshare owners and renters to the great outdoors in the Heart of the Smokies.

What is Bluegreen Vacations?

Bluegreen Vacations specializes in resorts that provide flexibility and quality to over 220,000 vacation owners. Starting in 1986 as a small business that bought, sold and renovated residential properties in Massachusetts, Bluegreen now offers vacation ownership at more than 60 resorts. Beginning with MountainLoft in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Bluegreen quickly grew to be a leader in the timeshare industry.

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About Bluegreen’s MountainLoft Resort

The Smoky Mountains are a great place to plan a vacation if you are looking to experience nature. Bluegreen Vacations MountainLoft Resort is within perfect distance of attractions and activities so everyone can enjoy Gatlinburg. Get reacquainted with the outdoors while also experiencing Tennessee’s nightlife. 

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Gatlinburg Cityscape

You won’t find a better destination than Gatlinburg, Tennessee for vacation versatility. Here, you’ll find yourself able to escape into the Smoky Mountain National Park to breathe in the fresh mountain air. Or, you can head into town and visit the slew of distilleries, restaurants and attractions. With a timeshare in the heart of the Smokies, the great outdoors is as comfortable as ever.

MountainLoft Resort Accommodations

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If you’re the rugged, outdoor vacation type, Bluegreen resorts might offer just what you’re looking for. A partner of Bass Pro Shops, Bluegreen Vacations brings comfort even to the most outdoorsy travelers.

Villas include full kitchens and washer/dryers to bring all the conveniences of home with you on vacation. A relaxing sauna and steam room are also present on resort grounds for immense solace.

The rooms at this lush Bluegreen resort also feature fireplaces, giving them a cozy mountain vibe. There is also a coffee and hot chocolate bar in the lobby to keep the cold at bay.

Visitors to MountainLoft will feel as if they are actually entering the actual Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The winding country roads are canopied by oak and pine trees, leading guests to the beloved state park in only eight minutes. The clubhouse and vacation homes are at an elevation of 2,200 feet, giving guests panoramic views of the mountainside.

MountainLoft Resort Location in the Smokies

The Smokies have a reputation for being a place to unwind. So, if you’re looking for a vacation that will really have you feeling refreshed when you get back to work, head to the Smokies. There are dozens of nature trails throughout the region, perfect for hikers of any level. Check out this list of great trails if you’re looking to take a hike in and around Gatlinburg.

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For a summer hike that ends with a refreshing dip in freshwater, head to Grotto Falls. You can stand behind the falling water and marvel at the crystal clear surface. Not to mention, a more dramatic waterfall is Ramsey Cascades, located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Keep this trail in mind if you want a more strenuous hike. From start to finish, this path takes you 2,000 feet in elevation and between five to seven hours to complete. Undoubtedly, it’s totally worth it for the breath-taking views at the top.

Best Trails to Hike in The Smokies Near MountainLoft Resort

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Anakeesta Village is a theme park located in Gatlinburg that was established almost 100 years ago. The 70-acre park welcomes over 11 million guests per year and is dedicated to conserving the forested mountains of the region.

Anakeesta is an attraction that focuses on relaxation over thrills. Here, you can kick back with a brew and a view on one of the gondolas that ride up the side of the mountain. You can also ride the zipline for a fantastic view of the park and the surrounding mountains. Near the outskirts of Anakeesta, you can take a stroll through the relaxing Vista Gardens.

The park also pays homage to the 15 thousand acres of forest lost to the largest wildfire in Anakeesta Village history. Winding through charred forest, the main trail serves as a reminder of the fragility of the mountain environment, as well as the importance of conservation.

Other Bluegreen Resorts in the Great Outdoors

Because Bluegreen uses a points-based system, you can travel to any one of their resorts in beautiful destinations. Once you’ve experienced MountainLoft Resort, check out other Bluegreen locations. If you love MountainLoft, you’ll definitely appreciate The Club at Big Bear Village or Shenandoah Crossing resorts.

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Bluegreen Timeshare Resales

Ready to make a Bluegreen resort timeshare your own? You can search our online postings for free and find one that suits your family needs. We have timeshares for sale and rent at the MountainLoft, Shenandoah Crossings, Hotel Blake Chicago and more. Get started today and one of our timeshare specialists will help make it yours.

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