Timeshare Exit


ARDA ROC, a non-profit entity that advocates for preserving, protecting and enhancing the vacation ownership lifestyle continues to warn timeshare owners about third-party exit companies. Their reminders come frequently, especially after major exit firms are brought to court for misleading practices. At this time, the American Resource Management Group (ARMG) or Resort Release, filed for bankruptcy. With their motion, they are under investigation for scamming thousands of timeshare owners.

Calling all Welk timeshare owners, make sure you’re up-to-date on Welk Vs Timeshare Exit. While Welk Resorts provides owners amazing vacation opportunities, owners looking to sell their Welk timeshare are targets by fraudulent schemes. In July of 2017, Welk filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California against Timeshare Exit Team for their part in a nationwide racketeering scheme.

Timeshare exit has been an increasingly prevalent tactic for unhappy owners looking for relief from their timeshares. Although the timeshare industry is showing nine years of consecutive growth and peak owner satisfaction, the media has painted a different story. Frequent travelers and adventure-seekers love their vacation ownership and the advantages timeshare brings them.

However, top developer brands like Wyndham, Bluegreen or Holiday Inn Club Vacations recognize that lifestyle changes happen. Years down the road, the maintenance fees might become more difficult to keep up with, or maybe you’re just not using your timeshare as much as you used to.

Exit companies or attorneys target unhappy owners that need a way out, charging steep up-front fees without delivering their promise. This has become a huge issue for both developer brands and owners, forcing the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), owners and developers into action.