How to Sell Your Exploria Timeshare: A Complete Guide

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You may be ready to sell your Exploria timeshare for a variety of reasons. Understandably, learning how to sell your ownership can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! This quick guide is designed to break down the process for you. Many owners are unsure of where to start. We recommend contacting your developer, then starting here.

About Exploria Timeshare

With a mission to bring families together when they travel, Exploria offers its guests memorable getaways in The Poconos, Orlando, Gatlinburg, Branson, and Daytona Beach. For the last 23 years and counting, Exploria timeshares have designed vacations that are unforgettable.

Viewing hospitality as a form of art is what makes the resorts and experiences offered by Exploria so impactful. With options to travel between the different resorts in their club, it makes vacationing flexibly a reality. Not to mention, Exploria is the Official Vacation Club of Orlando City’s soccer teams.

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If you are not totally “sold” on selling your Exploria timeshare, allow us to recommend a few options. From vacation exchange to timeshare rentals, there may be a way to fall back in love with your vacation ownership.

Vacation Exchange with Exploria

Interested in vacation exchange or possibly never heard of it? We can offer some insight. Fortunately, wonderful companies like RCI and Interval International exist to help owners get more out of their timeshare. After calling your developer, contact a legitimate exchange company to see if your resort is eligible for exchange. Through vacation exchange, you can trade your resort points or weeks for a trip to another one. If you’re tired of visiting the same resort every year, this can be a great solution.

Can I Rent My Timeshare?

If maintenance fees are what have you down about your ownership, renting your timeshare may provide relief. Many owners don’t know this, but you can rent your timeshare. How does this work? Owners place their timeshare for rent, and then someone offers to rent it out.

You set your rental price. Some owners choose to rent out their timeshare to help cover their annual dues. If you’re considering lending your timeshare week to someone else this year, our online rental marketplace can help get your unit in front of timeshare renters.

How to Get Out Of Exploria Timeshare

The first step you should take when you want to get out of your Exploria timeshare is to contact your resort. They can walk you through your options. Many owners wonder if they can sell their ownership back to Exploria. Unfortunately, this isn’t generally a common option, but it is definitely worth asking about. Exchanging your ownership, or working with third-party resellers are also great talking points when you call your resort.

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How to Sell Your Timeshare

When searching for a reputable source to help you sell your Exploria timeshare, you may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about where to turn. Luckily, the American Resort Development Association has a website you can visit that outlines resources for owners looking to exit their timeshare. has an extensive list of verified programs for you to check out. Many times, developers may refer you to a featured reseller to help you get your timeshare back on the market.

Use a Trusted Resale Company

If you happen to find a timeshare resale company you want to work with, be sure they are accredited by the BBB and recognized by ARDA as a trusted brand in the industry. Not to mention, ARDA and the BBB take a careful look at companies to make sure the companies are upholding honest and ethical business practices. This keeps the industry and consumers safe. For a complete list of cases and timeshare wins you should know about, read our blog: Timeshare Wins Against Exit Companies.

Posting Your Exploria Timeshare For Sale

Now that you know a lot more about selling your timeshare, we’d like to run through what our process looks like. Posting your Exploria timeshare for sale with Timeshares Only just takes a few steps.

sell exploria timeshare

After calling your developer and discussing your options, call our experienced timeshare representatives. They can walk you through the best way to market your timeshare on our site, in addition to other marketing avenues we have.

Undoubtedly, our audience is what puts us a step above other marketing companies. We advertise your posting for sale to make sure it’s seen by the right buyers, at the right time. Finally, once you accept an offer on your timeshare, we can refer you to a Licensed Real Estate Agency to help you close the deal and transfer your timeshare title.

If you have any further questions about buying, selling or renting a timeshare, we’d love to be of service. Contact us today and let our experts answer your questions with honesty and experience.

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