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About Exploria

Exploria Resorts was founded in 1995 with a mission to lead the hotel and resort industry by example. Since the opening of its first resort in Orlando, Florida Exploria has made vacations unforgettable for thousands of visitors.  Guests enjoyed their experiences so much, Exploria Resorts launched their timeshare brand, Club Exploria, so that they could own a piece of paradise.

With exciting destinations like Branson, Missouri and Daytona Beach, Florida, Club Exploria offers its owners a variety of vacation options. No matter where you are, an Exploria timeshare can be your ho ...

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Everything you need to know about Club Exploria

What is Club Exploria?

Club Exploria is one of the newest timeshare brands, launched in 2014 as part of Exploria Resorts (the parent company and hotel developer). You can join Club Exploria by purchasing a piece of one of your favorite Exploria Resorts, sold in increments of one week use rights at a time.  Your deeded ownership is converted into Exploria Points, or EXPOs) that can be used throughout thousands of resorts and hotels all over the world.  Since you own a deeded Real Estate interest, you can sell your Club Exploria ownership, bequeath it to a loved one or otherwise convey (transfer the title) to a third party.

Exploria's over 85,000 owners enjoy a resort network of seven properties in four states. Resort locations include Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Daytona Beach, Orlando, New Smyrna Beach, Branson and the Poconos.

Exploria's guests enjoy family friendly properties located in the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S. With conveniently located rich in amenities, Exploria members can plan fantastic vacations every year.

What are EXPOs?

Club Exploria is a points based timeshare ownership brand that offers one week increments of  deeded Real Estate properties for sale. When you buy a week at your favorite Club Exploria Resort, it is converted into EXPOs (Exploria Points) that can be used towards booking your vacations in a variety of ways with flexibility to fit any lifestyle and schedule.  

The amount of EXPO points you receive with your ownership stays the same each year and depends on the details of what you own:

-  Season or time of year
-  Size of accomodations
-  Popularity of home resort

Your EXPO points are deposited each year into your account on the same day, January 1st, and you have one calendar (called Use Year) to use, bank or exchange them or they expire. 

When you book a vacation, the points for the reservation are taken from the points assigned to that year (for example if you call in 2019 to book your vacation in 2020, the points come out of your 2020 Use Year).

You can book a stay with a check-in up to 13 months out at your home resort and 11 months out with priority, depending on your membership level and availability.

Read more below about how to bank and borrow EXPOs...


Club Exploria Membership Levels

Club Exploria membership is offered in four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each with even more value and benefits that the other. The different levels are determined by how many EXPOs (Exploria Points) you own. You can upgrade your membership at any time for additional club usage and members-only benefits.

Bronze Membership

Up to 360 annual EXPOS
Includes discounts on resort activities, rentals, food and beverages, ability to pay Common Assessment Fee with reward credits and free timeshare exchange.

Silver Membership

361 to 720 annual EXPOS
Includes a higher percentage rate on above benefits as well as additional discounts on EXPOs, unit upgrades, early check in, late check out, and more.

Gold Membership

721 to1,081 annual EXPOs
Includes an even higher percentage on all previous discounts, as well as advanced reservation priority 11-10 months out, complimentary USA Today newspaper every day during your stay, complimentary mid-week housekeeping and 1 exchange deposit upgrade per year

Platinum Membership

more than 1,081 annual EXPOs
Includes all previous discounts and benefits, as well as 2 exchange deposit upgrades per year, complimentary RCI membership, access to exclusive VIP areas, the ability to reserve specific units, and more!


Please note:  these benefits are subject to change and based on availability. Contact Club Exploria directly at the time of your reservation to see current available benefits.

How to use, bank, borrow and exchange Club Exploria EXPOs

What can you use EXPOs towards?

EXPO points can be used like a currency to book reservations at hotels and resorts all over the world, as well as towards travel related expences. With EXPOs you can:

-  Make a reservation at Club Exploria Resorts (currently 7 located within the United States)
-  Book your next vacation at Exploria Resorts locations (currently 25 around the world)
-  Book a stay at Club Exploria Affiliated Resorts, who have partnered with Club Exploria to give members even more options
-  Exchange your points with other timeshare owners through RCI's network and use them for booking hotels, resorts, timeshares, cruises, excursions, rental cars, flights, vacation packages, concert tickes, sporting events and more!
-  Exchange EXPOs on the Exploria Marketplace for travel products, rental cars, cruises, vacations, attraction tickets and more. EXPOs will be converted into V.O.I.C.E. points (which stands for Vacation Ownership Interval Compensation Exchange)

How to save or bank EXPOs

If you are unable to use up all of your points during your 12 month Use Year reservation window, Club Exploria allows their members to save the points for up to an additional 12 months (restrictions apply).  

How to borrow EXPOs

Want to bring more people along on your next trip, stay in nicer accomodations or split your EXPOs up into multiple bookings?  You can borrow up to 100% of your next year's EXPO points to make a reservation right away without waiting.  To borrow EXPOs, make sure you are current on your dues and payments.  You will have to pay next year's dues as well to receive the EXPOs.

How to exchange EXPOs

Club Exploria makes it easy for owners to exchange their EXPO points right in the owner portal on their website!  You can exchange your EXPOs on the Exploria Marketplace and also on RCI for all kinds of travel products like flights, car rental, concert, event and attraction tickets, excursions, vacation packages, curated experiences and thousands of hotels and resorts all over the world!

As a Club Exploria member, you simply have to log into your owner portal and head over to the "Plan Your Vacation" section for every way you can use your EXPOs. You will also find step-by-step guides and videos to help you through the process!


What is the Exploria Marketplace?

The Exploria Marketplace is a private rewards program powered by V.O.I.C.E. points (which stands for Vacation Ownership Interval Compensation Exchange).  On the marketplace website you can easily use your EXPOs for cruises, rental cars, theme park tickets, guided tours, excursions, activities and more!

Each membership level within the Club Exploria program includes bonus V.O.I.C.E. points for owners.  Additional bonus V.O.I.C.E. points can be purchased and are given out year round during various promotions through Club Exploria and Exploria Resorts bookings. 

Club Exploria Seasons: How to get the most out of your EXPOS

Club Exploria membership is a deeded timeshare product, sold in increments of weeks. Depending on the week you own, your ownership falls into one of the 5 Club Exploria seasons: Quiet, Value, Discover, High and Prime. The seasons vary based on the popularity of the resort during that time of year.  A more popular season adds value and means more EXPO points will be assigned to the owner.  It also means the resort you are making a reservation at will require more EXPOs to book during Prime season as opposed to Quiet season.

PRO TIMESHARE TIP:  get the most out of your EXPOs by using them in the "off seasons" like Quiet and Value. Your points will go farther during the slow times of year and you may even get multiple weeks of vacations out of your week of ownership!

Perks of owning Exploria timeshare

Affiliated with RCI
Flexible Dates

Owning a Club Exploria timeshare allows you to do more than travel to your home resort each year. Vacation ownership at Exploria gives you flexibility and the ability to explore the world. Exploria's point system allows vacation owners to visit any of its affiliated resorts. 

Exploria has focused on building resorts in the most exciting vacation destinations in the United States. Purchasing a vacation ownership interest at an Exploria Resort can open the door to a lifetime of fun for ...

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