Ever wonder how timeshare owners are able to travel the world? One of the best benefits of timeshare is the ability to use vacation exchange networks. What is vacation exchange? People who own timeshares can trade their weeks or points on popular platforms like RCI or Interval International. Some vacation ownership brands even have their own internal exchange options. 

As the largest vacation exchange company in the world, RCI is a fantastic resource for expanding your vacation options. While RCI doesn’t own any timeshare properties themselves, many of the largest timeshare brands are affiliated with them. In fact, Wyndham, Holiday Inn, and Hilton are all affiliated with RCI. In this blog, we’ll break down how timeshare resale works with RCI, as well as what RCI timeshares and vacation exchange are. 

As the world’s first and largest vacation exchange network, Resorts Condominiums International (RCI) offers timeshare owners unparalleled flexibility when booking vacations. Within the RCI exchange network, 35,000 timeshare exchange options exist for members from over 100 countries. RCI doesn’t stop just there. RCI members can use their RCI membership for deals on flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, and more. RCI cruises offer guests access to top locations and the most innovative ships on the water. Keep reading to learn how you can set sail with RCI.

RCI, the first and biggest vacation exchange network, offers timeshare owners the ultimate flexibility when it comes to booking vacations. Owners can access hundreds of timeshares to travel to through their vacation exchange program. Vacation exchange is a huge perk for vacation owners and RCI pioneered the way. Here we’ll further discuss RCI and talk about how an RCI Weeks membership works.

Hilton Grand Vacations offers some of the best locations to travelers anywhere. Each resort is tailored to provide incredibly relaxing vacations on top of luxurious amenities. With destinations in New York, Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, and even Japan, you can travel the world with the best Hilton Grand Vacations locations. Not to mention, every Hilton resort is packed with amenities and comfortable accommodations that owners come to expect during every stay.

Hawaii is known for having the best beaches in the United States. Who wouldn’t want to vacation there? From the ancient culture to rich cuisine, Hawaii has it all. Not to mention, Hawaii has some of the best luxury resorts. Exchanging for a stay at a Hawaii RCI Gold Crown facility will guarantee a great vacation whether you are traveling solo, just the two of you, or with the entire family.

RCI makes it easy to take the vacation of your dreams. RCI Points is one of the membership options when you sign up for the vacation exchange platform and allows you to travel to over 4,200 resorts within the RCI catalog. With an RCI Points membership, owners can use their points to stay at incredible resorts outside of their home vacation club! You might be saying to yourself “this sounds awesome, but how do RCI Points work?” Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of RCI points.

Vermont is a stunning year-round vacation destination for nature lovers. Whether you’re visiting in the winter for skiing or during the summer for hiking and more, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time in the Green Mountain State. RCI’s vast catalog of resorts includes some spectacular destinations in Vermont. So, if you’re looking to trade your timeshare weeks/points for a stay in this outdoor retreat, then you’re in luck! Keep reading to see some of the best resorts that RCI offers in Vermont.

Through RCI, timeshare owners can combine the benefits of their home resort with an annual RCI Points or RCI Weeks membership, giving them access to hundreds of timeshares on the exchange network. For many vacation owners, vacation exchange is one of the biggest benefits of owning a timeshare. RCI allows owners to trade their timeshare points/weeks for thousands of other options. However, an additional membership also comes with it’s own set of fees and dues, which can adjust every year. This blog is a complete guide to RCI exchange fees for 2022-2023. You can see previous years (such as 2021 or 2020) on our blog.

Traveling the world has never been easier, especially when you pair RCI timeshare exchange and RCI Travel membership with your vacation ownership. RCI is the world’s first-ever vacation exchange platform, giving timeshare owners the ability to trade their points or weeks for resorts and experiences outside of their club brand. With membership, there are also different incentive programs and rewards available to add on, such as RCI Travel.