How To Sell A Timeshare In Hawaii

how to sell your timeshare in hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most desirable vacation destinations because it truly is a place of paradise. As much as it’s a dream getaway, situations can get in the way if you’re a timeshare owner. Life can have a way of changing our vacation plans. Whether it’s because of financial reasons, health-related, or the impact of the pandemic as a whole, if you’re looking to sell a timeshare in Hawaii, here’s all you need to know!

What is A Timeshare?

A timeshare is a resort unit that allows owners to have an increment of time that they can use for vacations every year. Normally, this product is lifelong. Meaning owners can use their timeshares for vacation each year. When you become a timeshare owner, you are paying for a lifetime of vacations upfront, which can save you thousands of dollars over a lifetime of travel.

Can I Sell My Hawaii Timeshare?

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Selling your timeshare can feel like a daunting process, whether it’s located in Hawaii, Florida, or California. One thing that can make you wary about selling your timeshare might be the misinformation that’s out there. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on offering honest and transparent solutions for every buyer, renter, and seller. If you’re not totally convinced you’re ready to sell, you can always look into renting your timeshare while you decide.

It is best to consult experts when it comes to selling your timeshare because timeshare resale closings have a very unique process. However, with the right help, it can feel a lot less daunting.

Below we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about how to sell a timeshare in Hawaii, as well as provided additional steps you can take before deciding to sell. Some owners are searching for guidance and want to know if selling is the right choice. While no one can make that decision for you, it helps to know what options are available to you.

Contact Your Developer First

Before you do anything, we recommend calling your developer to see if they have any in-house exit programs or if they recommend any third-party company to help you. Some developers have solutions, like Wyndham, that offers Wyndham Cares and Diamond who created its Transitions program, to help guide owners through the process of unloading their timeshare. Oftentimes, developers work with exclusive third-party companies that specialize in timeshare resale and have been proven to provide results for owners. They may also be able to suggest vacation exchange options that can help you get more out of your ownership.

How to Sell A Timeshare in Hawaii

Get To Know ARDA

During your timeshare research, you may have come across an organization called ARDA. The American Resort Development Association, aka ARDA, exists to protect timeshare developers, owners, and industry partners. In 2019, ARDA released a new program called Responsible Exit which is a coalition of brands and industry partners who want to help owners steer clear of timeshare resale scams.

As a contributing Member of ARDA, we also abide by a code of ethics that allows us to be a great resource for timeshare owners looking to sell. If you find a company that is a partner of ARDA and is accredited by the BBB, you can likely trust their services. However, there have been scams of people who claim to be members of ARDA but actually are not. If you ever receive unsolicited phone calls about cancelling your timeshare, we recommend contacting ARDA or ARDA-ROC for guidance.

Can I Cancel My Timeshare?

If you’ve been searching for a way to exit or cancel your timeshare, you may be wondering if this is a legitimate option. Oftentimes, exit companies will try to convince owners they can cancel their timeshare after paying exorbitant upfront fees.

Unfortunately, many companies who say their lawyers can cancel your timeshare for you aren’t telling the whole truth. They often have fine lines that stipulate what circumstances they will actually be held liable for helping you cancel. It’s best to avoid companies who expect you to pay for legal help to cancel a timeshare contract.

Timeshare contracts and deeds are legally binding, and much like a house deed, cannot simply be cancelled. Many timeshare scams have taken place where owners are asked to pay tens of thousands of dollars for timeshare cancellation services, only to remain in their timeshare contract.

Timeshare Scams

The exception to this is if you have just recently purchased your Hawaii timeshare. In some cases, you may still be within the stipulated recission period. Most timeshare contracts state that you can cancel your purchase a certain number of days after signing the dotted line. Do keep in mind that this period won’t last long.

If you’ve owned your timeshare for many years, you likely won’t qualify for the recission period anymore. Even so, there are still ways you can sell your timeshare.

Top Timeshare Scams

At Timeshares Only, we’ve been keeping tabs on the latest and most common timeshare resale scams. We also have a running list of timeshare wins against exit companies. We recommend checking out these resources so you have the best information when it comes to selling your Hawaii timeshare.

How to Sell Your Timeshare in Hawaii

how to sell hawaii timeshare

To sell your timeshare in Hawaii, you first need to find the right buyer. We can help with that. Since many timeshares in Hawaii are part of larger brands like Wyndham, Disney, Holiday Inn Club, Marriott, and Hyatt, you can use services like ours to post your timeshare for sale even if it is located in Hawaii. After posting your timeshare for sale with us, we get to work advertising your timeshare for sale.

Once an offer is placed on your timeshare, we will connect you with a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in the timeshare closing process. This includes drafting sales contracts, navigating the right of first refusal, and transferring the title.

The brokerage will then put you in contact with a title company that will transfer the resort ownership out of your name. Since your timeshare is located in Hawaii, the documents will have to go through the county in Hawaii where your timeshare is located in. Once all of this is complete, and the resort takes your name off the ownership, you will have sold your timeshare in Hawaii.

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