How to Sell DVC Points

sell dvc points

Are you curious if you can sell DVC points? Whether you are determined to sell the points or just considering it then good news—there are definitely options for you! We know selling your Disney Vacation Club ownership is a big decision, so we want to make sure you have the information you need (while avoiding scams).

“Can I sell DVC points?”

The answer is yes! But, first things first—before you can begin selling your DVC timeshare, make sure you know exactly what you own. It’s important to know the following:

  • How many points you own
  • How many points you’ve used up, borrowed or banked
  • When your use year is
  • Which resort is your home resort

These are all important factors in figuring out how to move forward.

If you’re not sure about what exactly you own, call Disney Vacation Club directly and ask about your ownership. They will be able to help answer questions about what you have. By giving them a call, you can also ask for referrals for the best way to sell your DVC points. While DVC does not have a resales department, they can point you in the direction of legal and safe help. Our sister company at Fidelity Real Estate are one of Disney’s Recommended Resale Brokers, having sold more DVC contracts than any other brokerage… ever!

Before You Sell Your DVC Points

Sell DVC Points

Before you commit to selling your DVC points, you should consider how you can still use your points to your benefit. If you want to take a year or two off from DVC, renting out your points can be helpful! Alternatively, if you’re feeling stuck with your DVC home resort and just want to experience something new, you have options! Of course, you can easily book a stay at any other DVC property around the world. This is one of the many benefits of Disney Vacation Club! However, if you’re looking to vacation at a non-Disney resort, vacation exchange is a great solution!

Rent Out Your DVC Points

Timeshares Only can not only help you sell your DVC points, but we can also help you rent them out! Renting out your DVC points is a great solution to selling if you just need some time off from vacationing! We can help you market your DVC points for rent on our rental marketplace. Timeshares Only will also facilitate between the owner and renter, so it can be as stress-free as possible to rent out your points! Plus, owners keep 100% of the proceeds!

Exchange Your Points With Interval International

Vacation exchange networks make it easy for timeshare owners to use their points in a new and exciting way. DVC recently announced that Interval International will now be its official exchange network. DVC members can join II and deposit their points to exchange for a stay at a new resort. Disney Vacation Club points can be used to book vacations to one of the thousands of resorts within Interval International’s catalog. These resorts come from many of the top timeshare brands in the world, including Marriott Vacation Club and Diamond Resorts. This is a great way to use your current DVC points if you’re looking for a vacation outside of Disney’s resorts! There are also great Interval International Resorts near Disney World if you still want to go to the parks, but want to stay off property!

Find a DVC Resale Expert

It’s important to remember, not all timeshares are the same. While DVC is a timeshare, it is a points-based timeshare. Finding a DVC resale expert to help navigate the process of selling your points is key. DVC’s Quality Assurance Department is there for you and can answer any questions you may have about how the resale process works and give advice on how to sell your points with a professional. This is how to find out if you can sell your points back to Disney or find the best place to sell your DVC points resale.

How To Sell DVC Points

Posting your timeshare for sale with a trusted company can get the word out that it is for sale and put it in front of the right people (buyers!) Be careful of companies who tell you they will cancel your timeshare for an upfront fee. You don’t want to fall for a timeshare scam when you try to sell your DVC points. Some of these scammers will take your money and tell you to stop making payments. But, be careful—not making payments is the quickest way to hurt your credit. If you’re ready to advertise your DVC timeshare for sale or rent, we can help.

sell dvc points

At Timeshares Only we have been working with people just like you to advertise their timeshare for over 25 years! Our online marketplace is a safe and trusted solution for getting the word out about your DVC timeshare. If you decide to post an ad with us and receive an offer, a Fidelity Real Estate agent will reach out to you (with your permission, of course). We recommend working with Fidelity as they have been a top resale company for DVC since 2005! They are resale experts and can walk you through the process of closing on your DVC points.

A Fidelity agent can help with negotiations, navigate the Right of First Refusal, as well as transfer funds and ownership. Licensed real estate agents at Fidelity specialize in the timeshare resales market and will be the most knowledgeable source to help you with the closing process. Once all the contracts are put together, Fidelity will refer you to a title company to seal the deal, or you are free to choose your own.

DVC on the Resale Market

Once you have made the decision to sell your DVC points, make sure you manage your expectations. While the resale market is growing, it is important to note that no one can promise you how long it will take or when your timeshare will sell. Additionally, keep in mind that timeshares are not investments, so you may not make back what you originally purchased your DVC points for.

Sell Your Disney Timeshare With Timeshares Only

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Sell DVC Points

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sell dvc points

Sell DVC Points

Timeshares Only has been in business for 25+ years helping Disney Vacation Club owners sell their timeshare

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It’s easier than you might think to sell DVC points. But, it’s equally important to manage expectations and put your ownership into the right hands. If you’re looking to sell your DVC points, you aren’t alone—we are with you every step of the way.

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How to Sell DVC Points

Timeshares Only is one of less than a dozen advertisers recognized by ARDA.
We have been assisting DVC owners for 25+ years with selling their timeshare.


Gather Your Ownership Details

When you contact Timeshares Only to post and advertise your Disney timeshare for sale, we can help locate all of the details of your ownership. This can include the resort you own with, point allotment, unit number, and more..

sell disney vacation club

Advertising Your Timeshare For Sale

There are hundreds of resale companies out there, but you’ll want to find a company you can trust to sell your DVC points. Timeshares Only is the best company to help. With 25+ years in business, our experts have years of experience and knowledge on the ins and outs of timeshare resales.

Your timeshare will reach targeted timeshare buyers all over the world with our multi-channel marketing strategies. Not to mention, our marketplace is accessed by a network of our partnered investors and real estate brokerages that will put more eyes on your property.

Review Offers

Our Recommended Resale Brokerage, Fidelity Real Estate, can assist with the entire closing process when you accept an offer. You have full control and can decline or accept any offers that come in.

sell dvc points

Our Trusted Network

Recommended Resale Brokerage

Once you accept an offer on your timeshare, we recommend using Fidelity Real Estate to navigate the closing and transfer process. They make the transaction stress-free, preparing all closing documents and transfer of timeshare out of your name with efficiency and security.

Preferred Timeshare Financing

Want to own a piece of a timeshare resort and make low monthly payments? We recommend Vacation Club Loan for your next timeshare purchase. Simply fill out an application, select your resort, and they will send funds to your escrow agent or title company at closing.

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Thanks... You guys were so easy to deal with and I'll let people know that they should sell their Disney Vacation Club with you... Take care...

by Sharon
Timeshares Only staff was great! They linked me to the company that quickly sold and transferred my Timeshare. They are knowledgeable and helpful.

by William and JoAnne
I contacted Timeshares Only after taking a tour in Las Vegas. They put me in contact with a licensed real estate broker and I ended up purchasing a property in Vegas and saved $5,000!!! Now that's a coupon LOL. I heard about buying from former owners through my sister.
by Denise
Timeshares Only made it easy to transfer ownership of our timeshare.

by Martin and Cherie
I was relieved my Bluegreen timeshare was acceptable for resale through the efficiency of my rep & staff who completed the transaction in the predicted time frame.

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Very fast and such an easy process to get rid of our timeshares! We couldn’t be happier with this service. Very thankful and satisfied! Definitely recommend!

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