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Marriott Vacation Club Europe Locations

Creating your next epic travel itinerary first requires picking an epic place to stay. We recommend checking out the best Marriott Vacation Club Europe locations that we’ve come across. If you’re already a Marriott Vacation Club member, you can potentially use your points to stay at these resorts.

Additionally, if you’re new to Marriott, we suggest taking a look at the resorts below to begin your vacation ownership for less. Traveling to Europe for the first time can seem daunting, so staying at a timeshare resort can make it feel more like a home away from home. Stay til the end for how to buy a timeshare.

About Marriott Timeshare

Contrary to popular belief, timeshares, like the ones offered by Marriott Vacation Club, allow for flexible vacations. Marriott timeshares are not like they used to be. Nowadays, Marriott Vacation Club has embraced a more casual style of booking. This means members can use their points however they choose. Additionally, the added benefits with Marriott make it one of the top vacation clubs worldwide. You can browse Marriott timeshare resales to add to your existing portfolio or to become a first time owner.

Top Marriott Vacation Club Europe Locations

With over 327 Marriott Hotels & Resorts locations in the United States, you’ve probably stayed in or near one before. Did you know there are also incredible European locations as part of Marriott Vacation Club? With options in France and Spain to name a few. If you’re considering traveling abroad with Marriott, check out these incredible Europe locations for your next timeshare getaway. You can even consider renting a timeshare through us to make sure you love it first. Many savvy travelers know the perks of renting a timeshare. For example, you get extra space to stretch out, and a kitchen to make your favorite meals while you’re on vacation. This can save you time and money when you’re on the road.

Village d’Ile-de-France

Marriott Vacation Club Europe France

At the Marriott’s Village d’Ile-de-France you can expect the luxury of Marriott mixed with the elegance of France. If you love to travel, you’ve probably been to Walt Disney World in Orlando or Disneyland in California, but have you been to Disneyland Paris? This resort is around half an hour from the park where you can spend an entire day (or days, we don’t judge). Once you’ve spent time out and about, you can return to your spacious condo-like suite. Each suite includes a kitchen and separate dining and living room space so you can truly enjoy your vacation. Amenities at the resort include swimming pools, a health club and spa as well as a restaurant for a great dining experience. This Marriott Vacation Club European location should definitely be near the top of your list.

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Club Son Antem

Marriott Vacation Club Europe Locations Spain

Located in Majorca, Spain in the Mediterranean is Marriott’s Club Son Antem resort. On the island, you will find bustling nightlife, the Moorish Almudaina royal palace, and a 13th-century Cathedral. In the area, you also gain access to scuba diving, water skiing, horseback riding and plenty of beaches. On-site amenities include a kid’s pools, game room, bar and lounge, restaurant, swimming pools, clubhouse, basketball courts as well as a gym just to name a few. The spa at the resort also offers full-service treatments to make your getaway even more relaxing. Accommodations in each room include Jacuzzi tubs, a kitchen and laundry units to make you feel right at home. You can look into Club Son Antem rentals and timeshares for sale right now.

Playa Andaluza

Marriott Vacation Club Europe Locations

Also known as Malaga Beach Resort, Marriott Playa Andaluza is located near Malaga, Spain’s stunning beaches. This expansive resort continues the excellence of Marriott Vacation Club in one of Europe’s great vacation locations. For total comfort, each room has a kitchen and private balcony as well as laundry facilities. When you’re at the Playa Andaluza you can expect the same comfort and courtesy you would receive at any of Marriott’s timeshare resorts. Windsurfing, boating, scuba diving, sailing and more are all activities offered at or near the resort, too, so you can enjoy some sun-kissed beach days. During your stay, you can also take a walk down the charming and historic streets of Estepona. Not to mention, you’ll be close enough to make a day trip to Alhambra, originally a small fortress built around AD 889. We recommend checking out our Playa Andaluza resales and rentals to make your travel dreams a reality.

Marbella Beach Resort

Marriott Vacation Club Europe

Featuring modern touches and luxurious amenities, Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort is perfect for a top of the line getaway in Europe. Amenities include direct beach access, child care and children’s activities, exercise facilities, sauna, spas, indoor/outdoor pools, tennis, golf benefits, in-unit kitchens, and restaurants. Nearby you can visit Cabopino Beach, Avenida del Mar and Dunas de Artola. This resort has multiple rentals and timeshares for sale on our website, so you can book your vacation today and start planning for the future. Additionally, with a Marriott Vacation Club membership, you are also eligible to tap into the resorts offered by Interval International. Not to mention, you can use your Marriott points to visit other exciting locations in the brand.

Buy Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare in Europe

Eager to hit the road and buy a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare? Fortunately, you can get started here and now with our Marriott timeshare resales. We have postings for the best Marriott Vacation Club resorts in Europe and the United States, as well as other coveted vacation destinations. We believe everyone deserves a great vacation! That’s why we learned the ins and outs on how to buy a timeshare.

At Timeshares Only, we make it easy to join the timeshare world for less. It’s as easy as placing an offer on a timeshare posting you love–then our consultants will get in touch with you about next steps. Looking to buy more Marriott Vacation Club points? We can help with that, too. Many owners look into the timeshare resale market to add on to their existing ownership. Call us at 800-213-7733 or send an email to [email protected] if you’re ready to buy or sell a Marriott timeshare.

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