How Does Club Wyndham Work?

How Does Club Wyndham Work

Club Wyndham is hands down one of Wyndham Destinations most popular vacation clubs. Not to mention, owners can obtain multiple ownership types within Club Wyndham, each bringing different resorts, locations, and perks to the table. It can be overwhelming trying to determine how a Club Wyndham timeshare works. So, keep reading to learn all the ends and outs of the vacation clubs within Club Wyndham.

About Wyndham

Wyndham is the world’s largest ownership brand, making it undoubtedly one of the best vacation clubs to join. There are over 200 resorts in more than 100 countries affiliated with Wyndham. Wyndham timeshares are known for the perks and benefits they offer. The nearly 4 million Wyndham timeshare owners know this.

As well as luxury amenities and spacious accommodations, Wyndham resorts provide their guests with a memorable stay. All of Wyndham’s ownership programs give its owners unmatched resorts making an unforgettable vacation experience.

Club Wyndham Plus

Club Wyndham Plus members start with a set of Club Wyndham Plus points, which work like vacation currency. Points are distributed to owners annually or biannually, depending on their purchase. In addition, you can book reservations up to 13 months in advance at your Home resort when you own Club Wyndham Plus points.

Club Wyndham Plus ownership programs include Club Wyndham Select, Club Wyndham Access, Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve as well as Margaritaville Vacation Club.

Club Wyndham VIP Program Levels

The Club Wyndham Plus VIP Program also offers three levels of VIP Membership, Club Wyndham Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver, Gold, and Platinum members will have access to different perks within their vacation ownership. These benefits that Club Wyndham offers include reservation priority, RCI auto deposits of unused points, and discounts on travel options like cruises or car rentals.

Club Wyndham Select

Club Wyndham Select comes with a deeded ownership type. When you buy Club Wyndham Select, you receive points at your “select” resort, otherwise known as your Home resort. The owner can then utilize their points for vacations at Select resorts annually through Advanced Reservation Priority.

In addition, with this unique benefit, you can make reservations 10-13 months in advance of your check-in date. Club Wyndham Select is just one way that Club Wyndham works. Using your points at any other Club Wyndham resort is another benefit of Club Wyndham Select. A booking outside your Select resort has a smaller window of only ten months prior to your check-in date.

How Does Club Wyndham Access Work?

For even more flexibility and greater options, Club Wyndham Access offers advanced reservations at various resorts. Since this is a strictly points-based option, owners aren’t tied to a deed at a specific resort. In order to book resort stays, timeshare owners receive their accumulated points yearly.

Then, they can use these points at any of the Club Wyndham Access resorts. There are dozens of properties to choose from, so there is no doubt that you will be able to find the perfect Club Wyndham Access resort for you.

Club Wyndham Access owners can book 10-13 months in advance at any Club Wyndham Access resort. Also, a Club Wyndham Access owner will have a different experience with maintenance fees. Owners pay a “blended maintenance fee,” which means fees and expenses of the entire Club Wyndham Access inventory are combined and then divvied out based on points owned.

Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve

Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve offers luxurious Wyndham resort accommodations that work for every kind of vacation. Participating resorts offer Presidential Reserve Suites, which offer breathtaking views, larger suites, and a wide range of top-of-the-line amenities. To be a Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve member, owners must purchase a minimum of 1,000,000 Club Wyndham points in a Presidential Reserve Suite.

In addition, Presidential Reserve members own a deeded interest in a Presidential Reserve Suite at a specific Presidential Reserve resort. The guaranteed access program allows you to book your vacation at your home resort 12-14 months in advance of your desired check in date. Or, if you choose to travel to other resorts within the Presidential Reserve Resorts inventory, you’ll have exclusive access to book reservations 10-12 months prior to travel.

Margaritaville Vacation Club

By joining the Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a specific interest multi-site timeshare plan in which resort properties have a deed to a trust for the benefit of the Margaritaville Vacation Owners Association. MVC works similarly to Club Wyndham and uses a flexible, points-based system that makes vacation planning easy for members.

Owners can use their points at any Margaritaville Vacation Club location, as well as any resort in the Wyndham Vacations portfolio. Not to mention, you can book as early as 10-3 months in advance at all other Margaritaville Vacation Club and Club Wyndham resorts.

Club Wyndham Timeshare Resales Restrictions

Before you decide to buy Wyndham timeshare resales, Club Wyndham owners should be aware of the restrictions that may affect their ownership.

The main restriction that Wyndham resale owners will face is that they will not be eligible for VIP benefits. VIP status can only be achieved by purchasing 300,000+ points directly from Club Wyndham.

What happens if you have purchased Club Wyndham Access points off the resale market but want to visit a deeded resort outside the CWA network? This is possible, but you will have a different booking window. You will not have your standard Club Wyndham Access resorts booking window of 12-13 months in advance. Instead, it will become a 9-month booking window.

Buy Wyndham Timeshare Resales

Now that you know how Club Wyndham works are you ready to experience the excitement of traveling the world with Club Wyndham points? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Firstly, browse our selection of Club Wyndham for sale. Then, make an offer when you’ve found the best Club Wyndham resort ownership for you!

Don’t worry if you have questions because Timeshares Only is here to help! Our team of timeshare experts has the connections and experience to make this process seamless, so contact us! Call 1(800) 213-7733 and become a Wyndham timeshare owner today!

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