Buying a timeshare resale often comes with restrictions. Vacation clubs sometimes only offer limited benefits to owners who bought their timeshare through a resale market. If you’re looking to buy a Wyndham timeshare resale, certainly make sure you’re aware of what restrictions are in place.

About Wyndham

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Wyndham Destinations started as a small company and is now the world’s largest vacation ownership company. With more than 200 resorts and over 4,300 affiliated exchange properties, the vacation possibilities with Wyndham are endless. Their resorts are located in over 4,000 destinations across over 80 countries. Wyndham has a proven track record as one of the best vacation clubs to join and provides exceptional accommodations for more than 3 million members each year. Owners enjoy the flexibility of the RCI (formerly Resort Condominium International) timeshare exchange program, which allows owners to exchange their Wyndham timeshare for thousands of destinations all over the world.

Wyndham Timeshare Resale Restrictions

Wyndham Timeshare Resale Restrictions

Although there isn’t a long list of restrictions for Wyndham resale timeshares, it’s important to know what they are before you buy! The main restriction is that if you buy a Wyndham timeshare resale, you will not be eligible for VIP status. You can typically achieve VIP status by buying 300,000+ points. If those points are bought on the resale market, however, you do not qualify for VIP status. Although you will not have VIP status, you can still use resale points the same as points bought from Wyndham. For example, you can use points to book stays at your favorite resorts. Luckily, Wyndham’s restrictions on resale timeshares aren’t as strict as some other brands.

Is Buying a Wyndham Timeshare Resale Worth It?

Wyndham Timeshare Resale Restrictions

So, you may think that without access to the perks of VIP status, buying a Wyndham timeshare resale isn’t worth it. While it’s ultimately your decision, consider how much money you can save by buying through the resale market. Sure, VIP status allows you to get exclusive discounts on reservations, but buying a timeshare resale is generally less money than buying direct. Not to mention, our friends at Vacation Club Loans can offer Wyndham timeshare financing if you do choose to buy resale. Some people believe that the money that you could save with VIP access doesn’t seem as important! You will still be able to visit every resort available in the Wyndham portfolio and will still receive the outstanding hospitality that comes along with owning a Wyndham timeshare.

So is it worth it to buy a Wyndham timeshare resale? While that decision is ultimately yours to make, we believe that the endless getaway possibilities that Wyndham offers speaks for itself. Make your own list of pros and cons, then decide for yourself. If you do decide to purchase a Wyndham timeshare resale, we can help.

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