How Much is Hyatt Residence Club?

how much is hyatt residence club

Are you on the fence about Hyatt Residence Club? For most buyers, the price of purchasing a timeshare is possibly the most critical factor when deciding if joining a vacation club is right for them. Hyatt Residence Club is a favorite timeshare club for many, but you may be wondering–how much is Hyatt Residence Club going to cost? We’ve broken down what can affect the price and where you can get the best deal.

About Hyatt

Before we get into cost, let’s learn more about the Hyatt Brand. In the hospitality industry, Hyatt has a history dating back to 1957. Having grown from a small motor lodge in Los Angeles called Hyatt House to a well-known brand, Hyatt has grown exponentially since the beginning. The Hyatt Corporation is a global hotel company with more than 777 hotels and 15 timeshare resorts in over 54 countries. Luxury amenities like full-service spas, lagoon pools, and family-friendly activities await guests at Hyatt properties. Hyatt resorts offer everything from quaint studios to three-bedroom villas complete with fully-equipped kitchens and spacious living rooms.

A point-based club called the Hyatt Residence Club provides flexibility and comfort for its members. The vacation club also offers a unique loyalty program called World of Hyatt, which offers even more benefits. Hyatt timeshares allow you to explore every dream destination while staying in luxurious accommodations.

How Much Does Hyatt Residence Club Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to how much Hyatt timeshare will cost. However, you can find Hyatt points for sale at a much cheaper price on the resale market. When you buy directly from a resort at a timeshare presentation, you will likely pay up to four or five times more.

If you’re looking to buy Hyatt points, check the resale market first for lower prices at your favorite resorts. You can browse our postings of Hyatt timeshares for sale. You can find listings on the resale market starting at less than $1,000, or you can buy from the developer and pay around $15,000 to start.

Many first-time buyers don’t know about the resale market and often wish they did. You can find the perfect Hyatt points package or week on the resale market without going to a presentation. Once you find a resale posting you love, we can put you in touch with a Licensed Real Estate Agent to help you finalize the sale. Once the deed is transferred into your name, you will officially own a Hyatt timeshare.

How Much is a Hyatt Residence Timeshare?

Two main factors that affect how much Hyatt will cost are the annual maintenance fees and the initial sales price. If you wish to take out a loan to buy your Hyatt timeshare, your loan length and amount will also factor into how much Hyatt is. Making a list of your must-haves is essential to nab the vacation ownership you want. It is equally important to take note of all the associated costs to determine if Hyatt is right for you in the long run.

A few of the most important factors to consider are:

  • Annual maintenance fees.
  • Buying retail or resale can affect the initial price.
  • Vacation club loans and timeshare financing.
  • What you purchase (points/weeks.)
  • The frequency of which those points/weeks are available (annual/bi-annual.)
  • The size of your unit (how many rooms/bedrooms etc.)
  • Location.

According to Luxury Fractional Guide, “the typical maintenance fee at Hyatt (is) sitting at about $1,500 per year for a 2-bedroom suite…” Maintenance fees are paid annually by every Hyatt timeshare owner for the upkeep of the resort.

Hyatt Points Vs. Weeks

Before you can determine how much Hyatt Residence Club is, you’ll need to figure out exactly what you need from a timeshare. Hyatt offers two options: points and weeks.

If you buy timeshare points with Hyatt, you will enter Hyatt Vacation Club. Points-based timeshares are great if you want to visit different resorts within the brand at different times each year. Alternatively, you can buy a fixed-week timeshare. Week-based timeshares are generally best for people who enjoy traveling the same week every year. Knowing which you prefer will help you decide if Hyatt is worth it.

How much you’ll pay for your Hyatt membership depends on if you buy a week or a points-based timeshare. The number of points you want will affect the final bill and annual fees. And depending on where you want to vacation will determine how many points you need to buy. Understandably, a Hawaii vacation will require more points than one in Tennessee. Similarly, the week you buy (if it’s in a busy season or not) will also affect the final price.

Is Hyatt Timeshare Worth It?

Timeshares are known for offering great vacations to families for years to come. Many timeshare owners who bought timeshare are happy with their purchase. For the buy to be worth it, you should list your expectations and see which of those Hyatt fulfills. Timeshares are not a scam, but they are luxury items that one should consider before signing. Buying resales can help with your initial price, making excellent vacations more attainable! Understanding the differences between timeshares vs. hotels may also help you decide if buying Hyatt points is worth it for you.

Timeshares are not a monetary investment and often depreciate over time. However, if you are looking to join a vacation club and buying a timeshare is within your budget, the cost of Hyatt Residence Club may be worth it for you.

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