Vacationers across the world agree that Bluegreen Vacations timeshares offer experiences you can’t quite find anywhere else. Not to mention, Bluegreen resorts themselves are beautiful. And, the prime locations also delight every type of traveler. With the newest resort in New Orleans, it’s easy to why. Getting to know the perks of becoming a Bluegreen Vacations owner may take you one step closer to finding your home away from home.

About Bluegreen Resorts

The goal of Bluegreen Vacations is to provide high-quality family vacations, each one topping the last. Their 60+ resorts span across the United States and welcome at least 220,000 owners each year. Often known for being budget and family-friendly, taking great vacations is made simple here. Alongside the ability to deliver memorable vacations, Bluegreen specializes in luxury vacations through timeshare, too. Since 1966, this high-tech and environmentally-conscious brand has been helping families make great vacation memories that last.

What is Bluegreen Vacations Club?

The Bluegreen Vacations club is the section under the main brand that specializes in timeshare. Did you know timeshares are mostly points-based now? A points-based timeshare means that each year, owners are given a certain number of points. Bluegreen Vacations offers points-based timeshares! After purchasing points, owners can use their points to book vacations at a variety of Bluegreen’s resorts.

Many people continue associating timeshare with a one-week at one resort-style of vacation, but it’s definitely changed. Offering owners more flexibility is actually what timeshares do best now. If you still love visiting the same resort every year, you totally can, and there are still some weeks-based timeshares out there. Regardless if you love weeks or points, becoming a vacation club member opens up a whole world of other perks.

Step-by-Step: How to Buy a Timeshare

Vacation Exchange Perks for Bluegreen Owners

Like we mentioned above, owners with Bluegreen resorts can exchange their points for vacations within the brand. In addition to this, many Bluegreen resorts are RCI affiliates which means you can also exchange your points for vacations outside of Bluegreen on the RCI vacation network. Other brands that are on the network with RCI include Wyndham, Disney Vacation Club, Hilton and Holiday Inn Club.

Travel Plus Membership

Bluegreen Travel Plus members can exchange their points for shorter vacations. With RCI nightly stays and a Travel Plus Membership, you can even book just one night stays up to ten months in advance! To become a Travel Plus Member, you’ll have to contact Bluegreen directly. Take a look at some of the perks offered to enrolled owners.

Hot Weeks Getaways

If you’re the type to travel on the fly, Bluegreen and RCI offer Hot Weeks Getaways. You can check in just 2 to 20 days before certain trips for just 3,000 points and no additional exchange fees.

Direct Exchange Resort Stays

Offered only to Travel Plus Members, you can gain access to an even larger and ever-growing exchange network. Find and book vacations in Canada and on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. As a Bluegreen Owner with Travel Plus, you can also book hotel stays in places like Australia and Europe all with your timeshare.

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Bluegreen Resort Locations

Of course, you can’t have a major vacation brand without some major destination choices. Luckily, Bluegreen knows where travelers want to go. With resort locations in Orlando, North Carolina, New Orleans, Chicago and Hershey, PA, you’ll be close to theme parks, dining and beaches, depending on where you want to be.

Shenandoah Crossing Resort Yurts

We’ve talked before about how glamping is making its way to timeshare, and the Bluegreen Shenandoah Crossing Resort in Virginia takes the cake. Imagine staying in a luxurious yurt for your next vacation. Not sure what a yurt is? No worries. Originating in Mongolia, Siberia and Turkey, yurts are a type of circular tent. Here you’ll find the adventure of sleeping in a yurt married with the luxury of a timeshare resort. Virginia offers beautiful wildlife and lush foilage for you to see, and the Shenandoah Bluegreen resort offers comforting and incredible accommodations. A private lake for fishing and boating is at your fingertips as well as a swimming pool and fitness center. With options to rent and own a piece of this glamping paradise, you can make the most of your next vacation.

Hotel Blake Chicago

Upon arriving at this Bluegreen resort, you’ll be in love. Not to mention, the Hotel Blake Chicago is grand and gorgeous, accommodating guests in a thriving city atmosphere. The modern feel of the inside pairs perfectly with the rustic city-street vibe on the outside. Accessing the on-site gym and restaurants make for a comfortable vacation. Additionally, suites come ready with one to three beds depending on your travel group size. If you’re ready to be in the center of the city in a gorgeous Bluegreen resort, we recommend checking our marketplace for timeshare resales and timeshare rentals at the Hotel Blake Chicago.

The Fountains Bluegreen Resort Orlando

This gold-crown resort is located in sunny Orlando. The Fountains has over 50-acres of luxurious amenities for Bluegreen owners. Since Orlando is situated in Central Florida, you’ll be close to the state’s best beaches and theme parks—yes, we mean Walt Disney World and Universal. Additionally, upping your golf game will be no issue. Florida has some of the best places to golf (mini-golf included). For a family vacation full of fun and adventure, Orlando is definitely one of the best places to visit. And, with a Bluegreen Vacations club membership, you can go back anytime you want with priority booking. Next year if you want to stay in a yurt, you can. The flexibility makes vacationing easy.

Bluegreen Timeshare Resales

Taking vacations is something we believe everyone deserves, and that’s why we believe in legitimatizing timeshare resales. You can find major brands like Bluegreen on the resale market. What does this mean? Generally, timeshare resales aren’t as expensive as buying directly from a developer. Not to mention, there are no timeshare presentations when you’re shopping resale online. Get started by browsing our timeshare resale postings today for free. We’ve been doing this for 25 years and are members of the American Resort Development Association, so you can trust our postings and services.

Rent a Bluegreen Resorts Timeshare

If you’re not ready just yet to purchase a timeshare, we understand. Did you know you can rent a timeshare for your next trip? We have an online marketplace for vacationers to browse and rent a timeshare. Consider renting a Bluegreen timeshare instead of booking a hotel.

You’ll likely find bigger accommodations, more amenities and a gorgeous resort. Most timeshare rentals also have in-suite kitchens and laundry, making you even more comfortable. Consider trying one out before you buy a timeshare. This can help you make the right decision. Get the latest on how to buy a timeshare by subscribing below.

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