Timeshare Weeks Explained

timeshare weeks explained

A new year is here and it’s time to start planning your vacations. The best place to get started? Well, if you’re a timeshare owner, we recommend checking out the timeshare weeks calendar for 2022. If you’re just curious about timeshare, we can help with that, too. Our rentals selection is stocked for vacationers just like you.

What Are Timeshare Weeks?

A timeshare is a vacation property that someone owns the right to use, generally for a week at a time. When someone purchases vacation ownership, they are essentially purchasing seven days at a resort. The timeshare week is determined by the calendar. Each week on the calendar is assigned a number. Then, buyers purchase an interval of time based on those weeks.

Some weeks are valued differently than others and some cost more, some less. If you purchase a gorgeous ocean-front week in Virginia Beach during the month of June, it may cost more than that same view in December. It all just depends on the market and developers. With vacation exchange, however, owners have more flexibility than ever before.

Fixed Week Timeshares

The most traditional form of vacation ownership, and where timeshare started, is a fixed week timeshare. Owners purchase a designated week number at a specific resort, in which they have full rights to use every year. One of the benefits of a fixed week is the lack of planning necessary. No need to make reservations, find a hotel, or coordinate a time to vacation. Your fixed week is always available and ready for you at the same time and place every year.

Floating Week Timeshares

Floating weeks were introduced later on to the vacation ownership world to give owners more flexibility. With floating weeks, owners purchase within a specific season of a resort, in which they can choose which week they would like to reserve. Floating weeks do provide more flexibility, but more planning is necessary to secure the week you would like to vacation during.

Timeshare Calendar 2022

timeshare weeks calendar 2022

Our timeshare calendar tool was designed with vacation owners in mind. While you’re looking out for this years’ weeks calendar, you can also calculate your timeshare weeks for years to come. Planning your getaway now can allow plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements with your pets, family, and other responsibilities. Not to mention, starting your planning early can make it easier to book the resort you want if you’re going to use vacation exchange.

Rent Timeshare Weeks

timeshare rentals

If you’re not ready to purchase a timeshare, you can rent a timeshare week from someone else on Timeshares Only. Renting is a great way to try it out before buying. With spacious living rooms, locking bedroom doors and in-suite kitchens, timeshares are more bang for your buck when it comes to renting. If you want to rent, you can also benefit from the calendar so you can see what rentals we have when you’re looking to travel. With our rentals in destinations like Aruba, Colorado and Orlando, you can travel more and spend less. The cool thing is, there is no limit to the number of timeshare weeks you rent, so you can use vacation ownership for most of your traveling needs.

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Rent My Timeshare

If you’re an owner looking to rent out your timeshare, we can help! If you won’t be using your timeshare next year, we can post it for rent. Then, if someone rents it, the rent can go toward your maintenance fees. Additionally, you can consider renting your week to friends or family in your social network, or gifting it to a loved one for a year if you won’t be using it.

Selling Timeshare Week

If in recent years, you’ve been curious about selling your timeshare week, we understand. Sometimes life changes and you don’t use your timeshare as often, or perhaps you vacation differently now. Whatever the case may be, our experienced team at Timeshares Only can assist you in posting your timeshare week for sale.

First, we recommend calling your developer to discover what options are available to you. Then, give us a call so we can make a tailored ad for your posting, or help you post it for rent. Exiting your timeshare can feel overwhelming at times, but there are options available. The timeshare industry has experienced nine years of consecutive growth, and we work honestly and diligently to connect timeshare buyers, renters and sellers.

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