Hawaii is known for inventing surfing, gorgeous sunsets and boasting an average of 278 sunny days a year. If these facts aren’t enough to make you book a flight, you’ll love these Hilton timeshares in Hawaii. In 2017, the island welcomed over 10 million visitors, and it’s easy to see why. Not ready to buy? You can visit a Hawaii timeshare rental, too.

The Best Hilton Timeshares In Hawaii

Hilton Grand Vacations Club offers the best resorts in the world, and these Hilton Hawaii timeshares are no different. At these resorts, you can expect great customer service, comforting accommodations and stunning amenities. With over 51 properties worldwide and more than five just in Hawaii, you may be wondering which one to choose. What sets each vacation resort apart is usually the theme and the location. The great thing is that Hilton offers points-based timeshares so you can visit a new resort each year. If you’re already an owner, all you have to do is choose and book. Since all of Hilton’s Hawaii timeshares are ideally located, picking the right one is a matter of preference.

The Grand Waikikian by Hilton Grand Vacations Club

grand waikikian timeshares for sale

Located in Waikiki, Oahu is Hilton’s Grand Waikikan, situated near 22 acres of gorgeous Hawaiian beach line. Standing 39 stories high with decadent luxury, you’ll have beachfront views, swimming pools and well-deserved tranquility. You can stay in gorgeous 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom suites with private balconies and fully equipped kitchens and laundry units. With an on-site spa, dining, and bars, you can take a true vacation on the island. In addition, you’ll have beach access, a fitness center and nearby attractions to enjoy.

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Kings’ Land

The Best Hawaii Hilton Timeshares

Featuring lush green foliage and an exotic feel, King’s Land by Hilton Grand Vacations Club is an ideal Hawaii timeshare. The pools here have gorgeous waterfalls and put the beauty of Mauna Kea on display. Did you know this resort was carved out of an ancient lava field? Not to mention, you’ll have access to dining and shopping at Hilton Waikoloa Village. Choose between one to three-bedroom suites that have lanais for your personal luxury and privacy. Not to mention, you’ll feel the tropcial vibes of Hawaii spending your days on the beach and your nights on your personal porch at this Hilton Hawaii timeshare.

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Kohala Suites: A Hilton Hawaii Timeshare

Hawaii Hilton Timeshares For Sale

One of many Hilton Hawaii timeshare favorites is Hilton’s Kohala Suites. If you’re searching for palm trees out your window and your own private balcony, Kohala might be the resort for you. Kohala Coast’s Waikoloa Beach Resort offers nearby shopping, dining, and attractions available to you. Additionally, this resort is great for families and groups of friends since you can choose from one to three-bedroom units. The great thing that sets timeshares apart from hotels is that the separate bedrooms have their own locking doors for privacy. Not to mention, the prime location makes it easy to join the hustle and bustle of the island or hideaway in your private paradise.

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The Kalia Tower Suites

Hawaii Hilton Timeshare

Honolulu is one of the most visited islands in Hawaii, and Hilton owners can visit with a stay at Hilton’s Kalia Tower. You’ll have access to the best beaches to surf, a luxurious swimming pool and spa, as well as numerous opportunities to dine and golf. This five-star rated timeshare is perfect for families since it offers one, two and three-bedroom villas, as well as in-unit kitchens. You’ll be steps away from the city of Waikiki so you can plan fun days or nights out on the town. What’s more, Hawaii has amazing tropical excursions you can partake in during your stay. With the help of Hilton’s concierge services, you’ll have exciting excursions at your fingertips.

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Find More Hilton Hawaii Timeshares

With a little help from our online marketplace and timeshare experts, you can find the perfect Hilton Hawaii timeshare resale for less. Regardless if you’re looking to buy or rent, we’ve been helping people do both for more than 25 years. To get started, start browsing our timeshares for sale or contact us at [email protected], or send us a message in the live chat.

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