Ski season is here and we have found the best ski resorts in the US for your next big vacation. The best time to ski according to experts is from November to early April (depending on location, of course). If you’re looking for the best ski resorts in the United States, we can help you decide where to go and where to stay.

best ski resorts in us

Timeshare Ski Resorts

Are you a timeshare owner looking for timeshare ski resorts? We can help. You might be surprised to know skis were originally invented thousands of years ago. Their main purpose was for transportation.

Today, skiing is a world-famous recreational sport. Avid-skiers know the importance of a great ski resort, so we’ve put in the hard work to find the best timeshare resorts in the US. Let’s dive into these must-see ski resorts.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

This amazing resort in Colorado is home to four huge peaks and five terrain parks. Not to mention, six-passenger lift chairs are waiting to escort you and your fellow skiers to the top of the mountain. If half-pipes are on your must-have list, you’ll be pleased to find three at this resort. Breckenridge Ski Resort is well-known for its well-kept and accommodating amenities. During your stay, you’ll also have the opportunity to knock out some shopping when you’re not on the slopes.

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Breckenridge Colorado Timeshares

breckenridge timeshare

If you’re considering a trip to Colorado, we recommend checking out timeshare rentals. You’ll be able to stay in a luxurious resort, close to the skiing action. Additionally, renting a timeshare is a great way to try before you buy if you’ve been contemplating becoming a vacation owner. Our online rental marketplace has postings of timeshare in a variety of coveted locations with amazing resorts. You can rent one in Colorado or Florida and enjoy maximum comfort and incredible vacations.

Staying in Breck for a perfect ski vacation is a no-brainer. However, you may be curious about where to stay. Well, we’ve got you covered. Colorado is home to gorgeous resorts, breathtaking views, and out-of-this-world adventure. We recommend:

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Heavenly Mountain Resort

Heavenly Ski Resort

Lake Tahoe is a great vacation spot no matter the season, but Heavenly Mountain Resort is an awesome destination for ski enthusiasts. The art of snowmaking combined with the natural snowfall makes this resort a skiers favorite. Featuring different terrains and breathtaking views, Heavenly Mountain Resort is a must-ski for your next winter vacation. While you’re here, you can also check out the other activities Lake Tahoe has to offer, like the Emerald Bay State Park.

Squaw Valley

Another famous ski resort in Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley boasts six peaks perfect for skiing. With nearly 4,000 acres of land to explore and over 30 chair lifts, this is certainly one of the biggest and best ski resorts in US. The sheer size of the resort is incredible along with the gorgeous mountain views. Not to mention, the Winter Olympics were held here in 1960, making it a historic spot as well. One of the best things about the resort is that there are slopes for every skill level, making it ideal for a family ski trip.

Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley

Where to Stay in Lake Tahoe

Many families vacation to Lake Tahoe year after year. If your family is already in love with Lake Tahoe, we recommend checking out buying a timeshare in the area. Timeshare owners enjoy luxurious vacations each year, and the resale market has great offerings to get you started. The great thing about owning a timeshare is that you can travel to new places every year. Most timeshares now are points-based, meaning you can travel to different resorts in your brand as long as you have enough points. Additionally, joining a vacation exchange network like RCI and II can open up even more travel doors for you. Below are our recommendations for staying in Lake Tahoe.

Timeshare Rentals for Skiers

If you’re still looking for timeshare rentals, aka the perfect spot to stay when you hit the slopes, our rental experts can help you find a great resort near the action. Browse our rentals online or give us a call. Timeshare is what we do best.

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