2020-2021 RCI Exchange Fees: A Complete Guide

RCI Fees 2021

RCI membership fees are subject to change every year. As a member, it’s important to keep track of changes so you know what to expect when it comes time to renew. You can also purchase membership for years at a time to save money over the long run.

These are 2020-2021 RCI fees. For the most up-to-date membership fees and dues, click here.

RCI 2020-21 Points Fees

The following RCI fees for 2021 are effective starting November 1, 2020.

RCI Points Fee Chart (Annual)

1 Year$124
2 Years$229 
3 Years$321 
4 Years$409 
5 Years$499 

Managing Your RCI Points Deposits

Managing Your PointsPrice
Points Saving Fee$36
Points Extension (Less than or = to 30,000 points)$95
Points Extension (30,001 points or more)$135
Points Extension Fee (WVO Flat Rate)$109
Points Rental Fee$0.03
Points or Deposit Fee$49

RCI Points Protection

RCI Points ProtectionPrice
1-2 nights$44
3-4 nights$54
5+ nights$64

*Purchased 30 days or less from the date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date.

RCI 2020-21 Weeks Fees

The following fees are effective starting November 4, 2019.

RCI Weeks Fee Chart (Annual)

RCI Weeks Subscription FeesTotal CostPrice Per YearYou Save Approx. 
1 Year$99n/an/a
2 Years$179$9010%
3 Years$249$8316%
5 Years$399$8019%

Managing Your RCI Weeks Deposits

Managing Your RCI WeeksPrice
Deposit Extension – 1 Month   $49
Deposit Extension – 3 Months$89
Deposit Extension – 6 Months $119
Deposit Extension – 12 Months $139
Combine Deposit Fee  – 12 Month expiration$154
Combine Deposit Fee  – 24 Month expiration$231
Vacation Time Transfer Fee$98
Deposit Restore$69
Unit Upgrades and Changes$49

Trading Power Protection Fees

Trading Power Protection (TPP)Price
TPP Purchased 30 days or less from date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date$64
TPP Purchased 31 days or more from date of vacation confirmation OR 14 days or less from check-in date$104

Weeks Online Self-Enrollment Fees

RCI Weeks Online Enrollment FeesPrice
1 Year$159
2 Year$239
3 Year$309
5 Year$459

Platinum Points Membership Fees

RCI Weeks Platinum FeesTotal CostPrice Per YearYou Save Approx. 
1 Year$89n/an/a
2 Years$155$77.5013%
3 Years$221$73.6717%
4 Years$279$69.7522%
5 Years$322$64.4028%

Gold Points Membership Fees

Gold Membership FeesTotal CostPrice Per Year 
1 Year$49n/a
2 Years$86$43
3 Years$123$41
4 Years$156$39
5 Years$180$36

Exchange Fee Chart

Points Members Exchange Fees Total Cost
Home Week Reservation (7 nights)No charge
Home Resort Reservation (7 nights)$50
RCI Points Reservation 14 nights +$288
RCI Points Reservation: 7-13 nights $209
RCI Points Reservation 6 nights$199
RCI Points Reservation 5 nights$179
RCI Points Reservation 4 nights$139
RCI Points Reservation 3 nights$109
RCI Points Reservation 2 nights$79
RCI Points Reservation 1 night$59
RCI Weeks Reservation (7 nights)$239

RCI Gift Certificate Fee

Guest Certificate TypePrice
One Time Transfer$89
5 Year Guest Pass$179

What is RCI Last Call and Cruises?

Last Call Vacations are last-minute week-long getaways that are available to confirm within 45 days of check-in. Being a huge vacation exchange network, it’s no surprise RCI offers cruise options as well. You’ll find both listed here:

Last Call and Cruise RentalsStudio (1BR)(2BR)
Last Call – Call Center/RCI.com$269$294$319
RCI Cruise Cash Rental n/an/aFees Vary
Cruise Exchange – 20,000 Points$149 n/an/a

Reactivation of Membership

The fee to reactivate your RCI membership is $49. In the event your membership is canceled, call RCI to discuss your options.

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