Don’t let the Kilauea volcano eruption impact your Hawaiian travel plans!

In a press release published by the Hawai’i Tourism Authority on Monday 5/21/18, Hawaii Governor David Ige stated that: “Travel is save to the Hawaiian Islands”.  Known globally for it’s year-round perfect weather and picturesque beaches, Hawaii’s islands are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more year after year on your family vacations. In fact, touring the Volcanoes National Park, hiking along the dry lava fields and flying over the red hot lava in a helicopter have long since been the top tourism activities in Hawaii.  It is no secret that Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world, making this eruption anything but a surprise to the residents.  As Governor Ige said, “Visitors can book their trips comfortable in the knowledge that their vacation experience will provide all the enjoyment they expect when coming to our beautiful islands.”

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Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Lisa is no stranger to the ins and outs of timeshare! From the exciting vacation opportunities of timeshare ownership to help with alleviating the expenses that they carry, she shares her expertise as a featured writer on the Timeshares Only blog. Lisa lives in Orlando with her husband and young daughter. Her favorite staycation/weekend getaway spots are St. Augustine (for the lighthouse) Savannah, Georgia (for the southern beauty) and Jekyll Island, Georgia (for the historic charm). Having been blessed with the ability to travel internationally, Lisa enjoys Northern Europe more than any other international destination. Mostly untouched by the first and second World Wars, the cobblestone streets of Tallinn, Estonia date back to the 1400's! Leading to a beautifully ornamental water fountain at the city center, it's no wonder it is her favorite.

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