Four Spooky Spots to Visit This Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner. Glowing jack o lanterns and spooky house decorations will likely be coming to many neighborhoods in the coming days and are often seen as a great way to usher in the Halloween spirit. While these decorations are fun, have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the holiday even more? If you have, consider traveling somewhere a little spookier this year. Many of America’s most historic cities have their fair share of ghost stories and ghost tours. If you love the idea of truly immersing yourself in the spirit of Halloween, here are four Spooky Locations to visit.

St. Augustine, Florida

As the oldest city in America, it makes sense that St. Augustine would be host to many rumors of the supernatural. The Castillo de San Marcos is the subject of many of these rumors. The Castillo was built in 1695 by the Spanish to defend Florida and is the oldest and largest masonry fortress in the continental U.S. This national monument draws in supernatural enthusiasts with its many tales of mysterious ghost sightings. People have reported seeing the ghost of a Spanish soldier staring out to sea from the edge of the fort at sunrise and sunset or claimed they felt the touch of cold hands while touring the dungeon. Some visitors even reported a light shining from a fixture in a watchtower that did not have electricity. Walking through the Castillo de San Marcos offers an opportunity to learn more about Florida’s history while still enjoying some spooky fun.  

Grande Villas at World Golf Village by Bluegreen Vacations

World Golf Village Pool

If you love exploring the supernatural, you may want to spend all night at some of St. Augustine’s spookiest locations, but sooner or later, you may find you need a place to stay. If you’re looking for somewhere to rest after your ghostly adventures, check out the Grande Villas at World Golf Village by Bluegreen Vacations. This resort features one- and two-bedroom villas and is located near St. Augustine’s spooky landmarks and 43 miles of white-sand beaches! Additionally, the Grande Villas feature two championship 18-hole golf courses. So even when you’re not exploring the supernatural, the resort has plenty to offer that can keep you occupied.

Galena, Illinois

While Chicago may be the most visited city in Illinois, there’s plenty of fun to be had outside of the windy city, especially for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit. If you’re looking for exciting ghost tours, look no further than Galena, Illinois. This town’s first documented ghost sightings date back to the 1800s and harbors many locations the locals have claimed are haunted. Amelia’s Galena Ghost Tours is a way to see the most popular spots for seekers of the supernatural. Amelia’s offers both a walking and bus tour, guiding guests to many locations in town that are allegedly haunted. In fact, the bus tour provides guests with both documented Galena history and ghost stories. If you would like a quick overview of the haunted history of this town, Amelia’s Galena Ghost Tours is a place to start.

WorldMark Galena

Looking for a place to stay in Galena? Check out the WorldMark Galena by Wyndham Resorts. Located on a tree-lined road, the WorldMark offers guests their choice of a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or studio suite. This resort also boasts both an indoor and heated pool, as well as a hot tub. There’s also a fitness center to help you keep up your routine, even when you’re on vacation. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana may be known more for its food and festivities, but it’s also home to a host of mystical rumors. In fact, the city has been the backdrop of many horror-themed movies and tv shows, like True Blood and Interview With a Vampire. Aside from its history of voodoo, which you can explore throughout New Orleans, there are several cemetery and ghost tours. Through these tours, guests are given a chance to learn about voodoo, the many mansions that are allegedly haunted in the city, and even more about New Orleans’ history. Check out Pere Antoine’s Alley if you’re a fan of friendly ghosts. The alley was named after a beloved priest who looked after the poor, and visitors say you can still see his spirit there in the early morning hours.

Frenchmen Orleans at 519, Ascend Hotel Collection

Frenchmen at 519

If you want to stay in the heart of New Orleans, check out Frenchmen Orleans at 519. You’ll find this resort is just one block from the French Quarter. Jazz and blues clubs surround The Frenchmen at 519, so you can unwind after a busy night of ghost hunting. The resort features a hot tub and outdoor pool, and guests can choose to stay in either a one- or two-bedroom suite.

Salem, Massachusetts

Home to the infamous witch trials, Salem, Massachusetts is considered a hot spot for ghost hunters. Old Burying Point Cemetery is known as one of the most popular spots for fans of paranormal activity because of its long history of ghost sightings. One of the most popular local legends tied to the cemetery is the mysterious Lady in White. If you’d like to see the cemetery for yourself, be sure to check out The Ghosts of Salem Tours. These tours take visitors through many spooky locations, like the Old Burying Point Cemetery and the Witch House. Plus, these tours share plenty of historical facts about the town of Salem along the way. If you’d like to immerse yourself in the spirit of Halloween while learning a bit of U.S. history, consider taking advantage of the Ghosts of Salem Tours.

InnSeason Surfside Resorts

InnSeason Resorts Surfside

Located outside the town of Salem, the InnSeason Surfside Resorts might be a great home base you can use to make a day trip out to the city. The resort features a private beach across the street where you can enjoy the warm waters of Cape Cod. Aside from the beach, the Surfside Resorts feature both indoor and outdoor pools. Guests can relax in a studio, deluxe studio, or one or two-bedroom suite. Most of these rooms even come with private decks that offer a view of the ocean and bay. 

Buy or Rent a Timeshare in a Spooky Destination

If traveling to any of these eerie locations sounds fun to you, consider buying or renting a timeshare near one of them. Timeshares give you the opportunity to visit these destinations each year and make them a new Halloween tradition. 

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