Average Cost of Marriott Vacation Club: What To Expect When You Join

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Would you like to travel to over 90 destinations? How about unwinding in some of the most luxurious resorts around? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, Marriott Vacation Club should definitely be on your radar! With that said, there’s one thing you should probably keep in mind when it comes to buying an MVC timeshare: costs. Whether you decide to purchase Marriott points directly or buy them on the resale market, there are fees you’ll want to be aware of. After all, a little research goes a long way! Keep reading to learn more about the average cost of Marriott Vacation Club and to see how you can save some money when you join!

About Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Vacation Club is one of the biggest and most popular timeshare brands in the world! With more than 90 resorts and 400,000+ members, Marriott Vacation Club has stellar vacation opportunities for everyone! There are many benefits for Marriott Vacation Club owners. For example, owners have access to a rewards program called Marriott Bonvoy, flexible vacation planning, and more! Plus, when you buy Marriott timeshares on the resale market, you can save tons of money! The more Marriott points you own, the more benefits you receive.

Marriott Vacation Club Points Levels

The standard point level for Marriott Vacation Club members is the “Owner” level which includes contracts with up to 3,999 points. This level comes with a standard booking window and has the most basic benefits. The “Select” level, which includes contracts of 4,000-6,999 points, gives owners the chance to book 13 months in advance. The “Executive” level includes owners with 7,000-9,999 points and comes with many more benefits for owners. These benefits include more flexibility for booking trips, better discounts, and the ability to book cruises with their points. “Presidential” level owners are owners with 10,000-14,999 points, and they get extra time to bank their points and can make last-minute reservations with a 30% discount. “Chairman’s Club” level owners must have over 15,000 points. These owners get the best perks which include the longest banking period and preferred access to exclusive events or offers.

Average Cost of Marriott Vacation Club

If you’re interested in a Marriott timeshare, you will need to find a contract with the perfect amount of points for you. You should keep in mind that the number of points needed to book a vacation is affected by many factors. The popularity of the resort, the season of travel, and the size of the timeshare unit you book all come into play. So if you want to book a stay at a very popular resort during a busy travel season, you will need a good amount of points. Of course, the more points you need, the more you will pay. Currently, the starting cost of a small Marriott Vacation Club points package bought directly from Marriott is about $25,000. This estimated price is before closing costs and doesn’t reflect the cost of maintenance fees or club dues.

Maintenance Fees and Club Dues

It’s important to know that the initial price of buying a timeshare isn’t all you will pay. Maintenance fees are mandatory payments made by timeshare owners each year. These fees pay for the operating costs of Marriott’s resorts, which include renovations and general upkeep. Within these fees is a “replacement reserve,” which goes towards any future improvements made to the resort. Maintenance fees are different at each MVC resort, so they can definitely affect the cost of your Marriott timeshare. Property taxes will raise the costs of your Marriott timeshare too. Owners should also expect to pay club dues, which are reservation fees for banking or borrowing points. Club dues also include access to Interval International, a vacation exchange program that can improve the experience of being a timeshare owner.

Is Marriott Vacation Club Worth the Cost?

So, with these Marriott Vacation Club fees in mind, you might be wondering if Marriott points are worth it. At the end of the day, that’s up to you! Marriott points can be used around the world. Plus, you can bank these points to save them up for a bigger trip or borrow points from your allotment next year. All of these perks give you the opportunity to be flexible in how you plan for vacations. Of course, the additional perks Marriott owners get at different levels is another benefit that makes the brand one of the best vacation clubs as well. Overall, you get quite a bit of bang for your buck if you decide to become a Marriott Vacation Club owner. Still, if you’re a bit wary of the price tag, there’s one great way to save money on these points.

How to Save Money on the Cost of Marriott Vacation Club Ownership?

One of the best ways to get a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare for less money is to buy it on the resale market. Buying a Marriott timeshare resale can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! You can buy a timeshare contract from a current Marriott owner and save big! Owners who buy their points from the resale market can still use them to stay at all of the best Marriott Vacation Club resorts! In no time, you can be vacationing at Marriott’s beautiful resorts, including Ko Olina Beach Club, Aruba Ocean Club, Timber Lodge, and more!

Meet Your New Best Friend

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If you want to buy Marriott timeshares for less than half the price of Marriott’s direct contracts, you’ll love our marketplace! It’s a one-stop shop for the best deals on timeshares for sale by owner. You can see the savings for yourself when you browse our resale postings.

Finance A Marriott Timeshare

Worried About How Much Marriott Vacation Club Cost Vacation Club Loans can help

If you’re looking to buy a Marriott timeshare resale but can’t quite commit to the price, don’t worry! Timeshare financing is a great option if you need extra time to pay for your timeshare. We recommend Vacation Club Loans, a company with more than 15 years of experience! VCL works with buyers to make purchasing a timeshare a little bit less stressful. No matter what brand you are choosing to buy, you can get a low-interest rate and easy approval through the country’s leading timeshare financing company. Vacation Club Loans can help finance timeshares from all different brands, including all of the best vacation clubs like Marriott.

Not Sure if You’re Ready to Buy a Timeshare Resale?

Still not sure if you want to buy Marriott points? We understand! Becoming a vacation owner can be a bit of a commitment. Fortunately, we have an alternative: timeshare rentals. When you rent a timeshare, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the stellar amenities and spacious accommodations of a Marriott property, without any of the commitment. This makes rentals a great way to try Marriott vacations before you decide to buy. These rentals are in high demand, so be sure to get them before they’re gone! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-610-2734.

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  • David Engen

    how many points do you need to stay at the Marriott New Port Beach Resort

    • Lauren McGee

      Hello David!

      I suggest searching “Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart” for the full rundown of how many points you need to stay. The amount depends on the season and time of the week/length of stay. The range currently for a stay at Marriott Newport Coast Villas is between 300 and 5,675 points.



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