What Is My Timeshare Worth?

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How to Determine the Value of Your Timeshare

If you’re interested in selling your timeshare, it’s important to manage your expectations on what your timeshare is worth on the resale market. Timeshares offer amazing incentives and travel accommodations that last a lifetime, however, this luxury item is similar to the investment of a car or a boat. Timeshares rarely appreciate in value on the resale market, and you will likely need to sell it for much less than what you originally paid for it. It is possible to sell a timeshare, especially if it is attractively priced for a potential buyer that is savvy with current resale trends. 

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What Determines How Much a Timeshare is Worth?

While timeshares are comparable to real estate transactions in some ways, it can be difficult to assess what a timeshare is worth on the resale market. Unlike traditional real estate, timeshare resales do not undergo appraisals or inspections when they are sold. 

Helpful Timeshare Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about selling your timeshare on the resale market, our blog answers the most frequently asked questions and offers insight on selling in top locations or with specific brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Including as much of your ownership information as possible will help us best assess what your timeshare is worth on the resale market. If you need help gathering your ownership details, our representatives can guide you. 

In most cases, a timeshare will not appreciate in value on the resale market. In fact, timeshares sell for much less on the resale market than what owners originally paid for.

The value of a timeshare on the resale market can depend on many factors. Our representatives will analyze all of your ownership information and assess what other owners of comparable timeshares have priced their timeshares at.

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