Discover TO GO
Exclusive "cash now"
exchange program gives
members full control
Limitless travel options
with credits that
never expire
Guaranteed lowest rates
or TO GO gives you
110% back in cash
The Timeshares Only Promise: We will work with your timeshare property until it's sold

Timeshares Only can also help put some money back into your pocket while you wait for the ideal offer. Our exclusive membership program TO GO offers several unique monetization opportunities for owners who no longer use their timeshare property. The-one-of-a-kind conversion platform adds value to your existing ownership and can even provide cash to help cover maintenance fees.

How it Works

The first step is to post your property for sale on Timeshares Only. The TO GO membership program is offered exclusively to our clients to help provide relief while you wait for your timeshare to sell.

Your timeshare resale specialist will walk you through the TO GO Credit system, including how to convert your vacation ownership into TG Credits. Timeshares Only will help you complete the 100% risk-free registration, where you will see the full details before making the decision to complete the enrollment.

Once you have your TG Credits, you are in complete control

TO GO members deposit all or part of their timeshare ownership into the TO GO network, receiving TG Credits that never expire! You decide when and how much your ownership you want to convert, giving you full control.

Members can search the TO GO network for custom vacation packages, travel savings and more. Enjoy maintenance fee relief when you need it by redeeming all or some of your TG Credits for cash. The TO GO member dashboard shows you how many TG Credits you have and how much cash you would receive before you make any decisions.

Discover a new way to use your unused timeshare

TO GO Credits are redeemable for more than just cash, and the best part is they never expire! TO GO Membership gives you the ability to get something out of your unwanted timeshare while it is posted for sale.

Exchange your timeshare interval for:
  • Resort weeks
  • Vacation homes
  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Airfare
  • Tour packages
  • Custom vacations
  • Sports travel packages
  • Last minute deals!
TO GO guarantees lowest rates or gives you 110% cash back

TO GO Members receive a LOWEST RATE GUARANTEE on resort weeks, hotels, cruises, tour packages, and many more travel services.

You will see side-by-side comparison shopping as you are booking your travel. TO GO guarantees the best rate or they will pay 110% of the difference in cash!

You won't find these benefits anywhere else on the timeshare resale market - this is a Timeshares Only exclusive program.

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