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What's Inside:
  • Hidden Benefits of Vacation Rentals The amenities, privacy, and ability to Try Before You Buy from a resort
  • Hotel Vs. Timeshare The on-going debate, and how timeshare may actually benefit you more than a lifetime of traditional hotel stays
  • Types of Vacation Rentals Do you want to vacation in a condo, resort, cabin, studio or large villa? Find the perks and differences of each
  • Vacation Budget Worksheet The hardest part of planning a trip is working out the budget. This worksheet is a must so you can make sure you have all the necessary funds in place for a great vacation
  • Dream Destinations Get the scoop on all the places you can go, simply with a vacation rental
  • How to Book Your Vacation Rental The step-by-step so you can find the perfect destination, make an offer and have a great vacation