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What's Inside:
  • Timeshare Basics From how timeshares work to an industry snapshot, we break down how to translate your options into a smart purchase
  • Types of Vacation Ownership Fixed week, floating week, fractional ownership, perpetual ownership, deeded, non-deeded... and more!
  • Timeshare Weeks Explained What does a timeshare week number mean for the owner? How do seasons and weeks work? Find out the answers to these questions AND access printable timeshare weeks calendars for 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • QUIZ: Finding the Right Timeshare for You and Your Family A quick 5 question quiz on your lifestyle and travel habits to help you decide which type of timeshare ownership is right for you
  • How to Travel the World on a Budget Learn about how vacation ownership has evolved into the most flexible, affordable programs we have ever seen - allowing owners access to portfolios and exchange networks with resorts, hotels, cruises and experiences all over the world
  • Top 10 Resorts Hot List From Las Vegas to Hawaii and Mexico to Indonesia, see who made the list for 2018's top 10 timeshare resorts
  • How to Rent a Timeshare Find out how to get the biggest bang for your buck when you rent a spacious timeshare suite for less than a hotel
  • How to Buy a Timeshare Tips and tricks on finding the perfect timeshare for you and your family, and how to submit your offer with confidence
  • Step-by-step Timeshare Closing and Transfer Process What to expect in the timeshare purchasing process and tips from our experts on how to navigate and negotiate along the way
  • Glossary of Timeshare Terminology The timeshare industry seems to have made up its own language! Peek through the glossary for timeshare definitions