If you’re ready to sell your Hyatt points, whether you have decided not to use it anymore, or you can’t afford to, we can help. Before deciding where to sell your points, it’s important to know the facts about timeshare scams and other tips for how to sell a time share. Selling your Hyatt points can be a big decision, but with the right help and resources, it’s definitely do-able.

Sell Hyatt Points

Before You Sell Your Hyatt Points

One of the best vacation clubs in the industry, Hyatt Residence Club offers owners a choice to stay at 16 resorts. Not to mention, the flexible points-based system gives you more vacation freedom than ever before. Priding themselves on customer service and excellent vacations, Hyatt really does make memorable vacations.

With the points-based flexibility of Hyatt, you may be able to travel to some of their other resorts in the brand before you sell your points. Perhaps you don’t love your home resort any more and want to venture out. For this reason, Hyatt designed its points-based timeshare program to help you maximize your vacation ownership.

Hyatt is an affiliate of Interval International, so before you sell Hyatt points, you should look into vacation exchange. Vacation exchange can open up new doors to travel to other resorts around the world. If you already own a Hyatt timeshare, you are eligible to join Interval International. This can provide a better solution for some members who aren’t ready to sell, and just want to experience more. If you’re truly ready to sell Hyatt points, we have some helpful tips to get started.

Rent Hyatt Points

If you’re not ready to let go of your points just yet, we can help you rent your Hyatt timeshare. This is a great way to cover your maintenance fees while you wait for the perfect buyer. With vacations trending toward rentals, renters are in demand in today’s market and would love to use those points to experience timeshare getaways, too.

How To Avoid Timeshare Scams

Understanding the most common timeshare resale scams is key when learning how to sell your timeshare. Many resale scams will prey upon vulnerable owners in need of help, and will make false claims into getting you out.

High-Up Front Fees

Many “timeshare exit companies” will tell you they can cancel your timeshare in exchange for a large fee. They tell you that this fee will cover the cost of lawyers and transferring the membership, but be careful. By the time your timeshare is genuinely cancelled, you’ll likely have paid thousands of dollars for these services. Finding a legitimate timeshare resale company is possible, especially when you know they are a member of ARDA.


If a company is a partner of the American Resort Development Association, you can generally trust their services. ARDA members must adhere to a strict code of conduct in order to remain recognized. ARDA is the trade association for timeshares and works tirelessly to help both owners and developers avoid being scammed by timeshare exit companies.

“Walking Away” From Timeshare Maintenance Fees

One reason owners may want to sell Hyatt points is because they no longer can afford to pay their timeshare maintenance fees. If maintenance fees are hindering you financially, there are options. Before consulting an exit or cancellation attorney, contact Hyatt for direction. Timeshares Only’s TO GO Program is also designed to provide maintenance fee relief, so you can put some money back in your pocket. If any company or exit team tells you to stop paying your maintenance fees or to “walk away from them,” it may be a scam.

Maintenance fees are part of many timeshare contracts and are legally binding. If you are having trouble paying your timeshare maintenance fees, it is often best to let your resort know so they may be able to help you with a plan. Additionally, Responsible Exit is a great resource for owners who need trustworthy help selling their timeshare.

Sell Hyatt Points With Timeshares Only

Timeshares Only TOGO Sell Hyatt Points

If you are ready to sell your Hyatt points, we can help. As leaders in the industry who are backed by ARDA, we know the way. Our process is simple. To get started, call us at 1-800-610-2734 or email us at [email protected]. From there, our specialists can recommend the best option for you to post your timeshare for sale.

Once someone places an offer on your timeshare, we will refer you to a licensed real estate agency that can help you close the deal as well as connect you with a title company to complete the transfer. If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help! Additionally, our company offers an exclusive TOGO program that can help you pay your maintenance fees while you wait for a buyer. Or, you can post your Hyatt timeshare for rent and keep all the proceeds.

Ready to post your timeshare for sale? Timeshares Only is a Member of ARDA, with an A+ Rating on the BBB as an Accredited Business. Fill out the form below to get started.


Hannah O’Brien is a creative digital marketer with a passion for writing. She manages the social profiles at Timeshares Only as well as publishes weekly blogs about the timeshare and travel industry. She is a graduate of Rollins College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. Hannah loves spending time with her friends, cats and family. Her favorite places to travel are Washington D.C. and the beaches of Florida.

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