Wyndham Timeshare Resale Restrictions You Need to Know Before You Buy

By Matti Pennington

Why Buy A  Timeshare Resale?

Savvy owners will often shop the resale market to add to their membership or become an owner because they can travel more often to their favorite resorts for less.

Wyndham Timeshare Resale Restrictions

Looking to buy a Wyndham timeshare resale? Then you won't want to miss this! Here's a guide to Wyndham timeshare resale restrictions.

VIP Status

If you buy a Wyndham timeshare resale, you will not be eligible for VIP status. Direct buyers get VIP status at 300,000 points and receive discounts, suite upgrades, and more.

Club Wyndham Access

If you buy Club Wyndham Access points off the resale market and want to go to a deeded Wyndham resort, you can do it, but the booking window is 9 months.


Buyers who purchase WorldMark points on the resale market can only trade for WorldMark unless they join RCI. If you buy WorldkMark points directly, you can travel to Wyndham resorts.

You may think that without access to the perks of VIP status, buying a Wyndham timeshare resale isn’t worth it. While it’s ultimately your decision, consider how much money you can save with a resale.

Buy a Resale


If saving money outweighs the resale restrictions, you have come to the right place. Click the button below to browse Wyndham resales.

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