Timeshare Exchange: Points-Based vs. Deeded Weeks

By Matti Pennington

What is Timeshare Exchange?

Timeshare exchange is a platform where timeshare owners can trade their weeks or points for vacations outside of their home resort and developer.

For example, if you own a timeshare in Florida, you can trade to vacation at a Hawaii resort. Let's take a look at how timeshare exchange works for points vs. weeks.

Points vs. Weeks

Point-Based Timeshare

As a way to offer more flexibility, most developers have moved to a points-based system. When owners use timeshare points, they can customize their vacations. 

Exchanging Timeshare Points

By exchanging with RCI or II, you open up your options on resorts, developers, and locations. Find out which network your resort is associated before you join.

Deeded  Timeshares

Week-based timeshares are the type where you buy the right to vacation at a resort for the same week each year, usually indefinitely. A perk is that you have booking priority.

Exchanging Deeded Weeks

One of the benefits of converting your weeks to points through vacation exchange is that, your points can be used at a variety of resorts in different locations.

Timeshare Points vs. Weeks

Deciding on timeshare points vs. weeks can feel like a hard decision. Do you want to visit lots of resorts or do you enjoy visiting the same place each year?

Buy a Timeshare


With a timeshare resale, you can find timeshares for sale at the best vacation clubs for a fraction of the cost, no matter if you want to buy weeks or points.

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