Interval International: A Guide to Vacation Exchange

By Matti Pennington

How Does Interval International Work?

II is one of the largest vacation exchange companies, allowing timeshare owners to trade their timeshare for thousands of other resorts.

Vacation Exchange Network

II’s network brings vacation exchange services to over two million families with over 3,200 resorts in 80 nations worldwide. The selection of resorts to visit is numerous.

Flexchange with Interval

Flexchange reservations are a great option for those who travel spontaneously. When a member cancels a booked trip, other members have the opportunity to take that trip.

Deposit Your Timeshare

Through Deposit First, there is often more flexibility for owners. Members can deposit their timeshare first when they are positive they want to exchange their week.

Latest News On Interval International

Disney Vacation Club became an affiliate of II. Meaning that owners who are both DVC and RCI members can no longer make vacation exchanges with RCI.

Interval International Brands

The major timeshare brands that use II exchange are: – Marriott Vacation Club – Welk Resorts – Diamond Resorts – Hyatt Residence Club – Disney Vacation Club 

Top Interval International Resorts

Some of the best resorts you can exchange for are: – Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club – Hyatt Residence Club Maui – Grand Colorado on Peak 8 – Westgate Las Vegas Resort 

Interval International List of Locations

Members can vacation in amazing destinations with Interval. A few are: – Aruba – Orlando – California – Las Vegas – Mexico

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