How Does RCI Points Work?

By Matti Pennington

About RCI

RCI is the world’s first vacation exchange platform and is affiliated with some of the worlds top timeshare brands. 

How Does RCI Points Membership Work?

Owners are assigned a certain amount of points based on their ownership. Members exchange their points for a stay at another resort.

Why RCI Points Are Worth It

These points are very flexible, allowing you to book only the number of nights you want to spend, no need to book a full week. You can also store points for next year.

RCI Points vs Weeks

Unlike RCI Points, RCI Weeks work by letting you exchange your week for one at another affiliated resort. Overall, this system is a bit less versatile than RCI points.

How to Sign up for RCI Points

To register your interest to join, request your self-enrollment application pack on the RCI website. In 14 days, you'll be contacted by RCI to complete your membership.

How to Use RCI Points

Search for your next destination online at RCI. Open an Ongoing Search if you can't find the location you want. RCI will automatically notify you if it becomes available.

About RCI Points

RCI points are a great way to expand your vacation options. Check out the link below to learn more.

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