Average Cost of Marriott Vacation Club

By Noah Belachew

About Marriott Vacation Club

With more than 60 timeshare resorts and 400,000+ members, Marriott Vacation Club has fabulous vacation opportunities for everyone!

Membership Point Levels

Owner: standard point level and includes contracts with up to 3,999 points.  Select: contracts of 4,000-6,999 points and gives owners the chance to book 13 months in advance.

Point Levels (cont).

Executive: includes owners with 7,000-9,999 points and comes with many more benefits for owners.  Chairman’s Club: owners must have over 15,000 points.

Average Cost

Currently, the starting cost of a small Marriott Vacation Club points package bought directly from Marriott is about $24,000. This doesn’t reflect the cost of maintenance fees.

Maintenance Fees and Club Dues

Owners should also expect to pay maintenance fees and club dues. These payments maintain the quality of resorts and give you access to benefits.

How to lower costs

Buying a Marriott timeshare resale can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! You can buy a timeshare contract from a current Marriott owner and save big!

Learn More About Marriott Resale Today

If you want to get a Marriott timeshare for a lower price, then check out the link below to learn more.

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