Hilton Grand Vacations Cost: 2023 

By Noah Belachew

Activation Fees

As of 2023, voluntary activation fees are $399, ownership change fees are $460, and the estoppel fee is $89. 

Is There a Fee to Join Hilton Honors?

When you become an owner with HGVC, you're automatically enrolled in the Hilton Honors program - there is no fee! 

What Can You Use ClubPoints for?

You can use your ClubPoints for experiences worldwide or receive discounts for other travel expenses.

Save Points Deposit

For HGV owners concerned about the cost of unused points, that's no problem. Members can save their points to use for the following year or borrow points for this year's vacation.

HGVC Maintenance Fees

HGVC maintenance fees are usually required to be paid by January 1st each year. Even if you buy your Hilton timeshare on the resale market, you will still need to pay these fees.

HGVC Maintenance Fees (cont.)

HGVC calculates maintenance fees case by case, so resort and unit type will affect the cost. These fees are due every year.

Is Hilton Timeshare Worth It?

There are many perks to owning a HGV timeshare. If you're looking to travel the world and make unforgettable memories, then a Hilton timeshare may be worth it for you!

Learn More About Hilton Grand Vacations

From stellar amenities to amazing perks, there's a lot to learn about HGV. Want to become a member? Check out the link below to learn more.

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