EPCOT Communicore Hall and Plaza Opens on June 10

By Noah Belachew

Communicore Hall is Almost Here!

EPCOT has seen lots of changes lately. New rides, updated neighborhoods, and now, Communicore Hall is about to open! But what is it? Keep swiping to find out!

What is Communicore Hall?

Communicore Hall is an outdoor event space built to host EPCOT's festivals. The hall will feature a demonstration kitchen, mixology bar, and a space to meet characters.

What About Communicore Plaza?

On the other hand, the plaza will feature a large central planter surrounded by a variety of gardens. It will also have an outdoor stage for concerts.

So What?

Ok, Disney's built an entirely new area for events. But are they actually doing anything with it? Actually, yes! Next, we'll take a look at the Hall and Plaza's first event!

Celebración Encanto!

From June 10 to September 6, Communicore Plaza will host a new limited-time show: Celebración Encanto! This show will feature a sing-along with the songs of the beloved film.

How to Stay Near EPCOT

Excited to see the opening of Communicore Hall and Plaza? So are we! That's why we'll let you in on the best resort near EPCOT, and how to save money on a stay there.

Disney's Beach Club Villas

This resort is just a short walk away from EPCOT's International Gateway, making it an easy pick for anyone hoping to visit the park, but what else does it offer?

More About the Villas

Beach Club Villas is home to Stormalong Bay, the biggest DVC pool area, alongside on-site dining and spacious villas. What's not to love?

How to Say Money on a Visit to the Villas

The Beach Club Villas are great, but if you're a little put off by the price or commitment that comes with timeshare ownership, we have a solution!

Rent a Beach Club Timeshare

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