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Take the first step to sell your timeshare now. Our exclusive membership program provides maintenance fee relief while your timeshare is up for sale. You may also advertise your property for rent if you would like to keep your timeshare. Please select a program that interests you below and an agent will reach out to you shortly. If you would like immediate assistance or have questions, please call 1-800-610-2734.

Plus Membership
  • Post your timeshare for sale or for rent
  • Rent your timeshare to cover maintenance fees until it sells
  • Innovative marketing platform maximizes exposure and attracts timeshare buyers
  • Professional advertising services from our expert team
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TO GO Membership
  • Guaranteed lowest rates on resort weeks, hotel stays, and more!
  • Maintenance Fee/Club Relief
  • Great deals on tour packages, cruises, and custom vacations
  • Share membership benefits with friends and family
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