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Florida: Florida's known as the Sunshine State for good reason, but there's more to it than many realize. Those who take the time to explore its expanse will find somewhere beyond the beaches and amusement parks lies a whole other world just waiting for discovery. From the wineries of Central Florida to the heavily forested areas around Ocala, the state is home to many wonders visitors often overlook.



Las Vegas: While it's often described as America's own sin city, the desert landscape in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, beckons to vacationers who are interested in more than gambling and live shows. In fact, many families find Las Vegas provides just the right kind of entertainment for every member of their group, no matter their ages.

Las Vegas Destination


Key West: Located off the mainland of Florida, Key West provides vacationers an experience like no other. Complete with warm tropical breezes, pristine waters and much more to do and see than many would expect from an island that is only about four miles long and less than two miles wide, this vacation destination is one that delivers on fun.

Key West Destination


Hilton Head: Hilton Head is considered one of the crowing jewels of South Carolina for a number of reasons. With some of the best beaches in the world, plenty of outdoor activities and lots of arts and culture, vacations here can be as chocked full of activities or as laid back as vacationers want them. Bringing together upscale beach resorts and plenty of Southern charm, this destination is one that ranks high with many.

Hilton Head


Hawaii: Hawaii’s breathtaking scenery makes the 50th state a top destination for vacationers from around the world. Hugely popular among vacationers from Japan, China, Korea, and the United States, the Hawaiian Islands host millions of visitors each year. The mild tropical climate encourages year-round tourism, with a peak season from late December through early April.



Colorado: While humans have managed to tame some of the wilds of Colorado with upscale resorts and ski lodges, there is still an abundance of breathtaking beauty to explore in this state famous for its high-end visitors and rugged Rocky Mountain views. Visitors here will find there is literally something for everyone to do if Colorado is the destination. Offering a completely different experience in the warmer months than in the colder, Colorado is perfect for a visit anytime.



Cancun: Located in the warm waters of the Caribbean and just at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches of Cancun are legendary. A favorite stop for cruise vacationers and Spring Breakers alike, this destination offers much to do and see. Although the beaches tend to take central billing in Cancun, there is a whole lot more to explore in the region than beaches alone.



California: From upscale winery tours to laidback surfing action, California is a state of contrasts with more to do and more to see than most destinations could ever hope to rival. Covering an expansive 163,696 square miles, the state features an extensive Pacific Ocean coastline, mountains, desert and many lakes, rivers and streams. Beyond the natural wonders, California is also home to some of the world's most famous cities and attractions.


Bahamas: Located in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba and east of Florida, this island country comprises more than a single body of land. The Bahamas, in fact, is the collective name for a 100,000-square-mile archipelago that consists of some 700 individual islands, cays and even uninhabited large rocks. Residents of this independent country are noted for speaking English and playing host to visitors from all over the world, welcoming them with open arms and a sweet island lifestyle. There is a tax exemption offered for U.S. groups that travel to the islands, making it a favorite for many.



Aruba: While most of the island's visitors come from Latin America, the United States and Holland, Aruba is an international destination that delivers the best the Caribbean has to offer with its own unique twist. Like many other Caribbean destinations, this island's allure lies in its picturesque turquoise waters and pristine, white sandy beaches, but there is much more to see and do.



Myrtle Beach: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is one of America's favorite vacation spots. In fact, more than 14 million people visit each year, flocking to the area's many beaches while soaking up all the Southern hospitality that's on tap. Visitors to Myrtle Beach are in for a treat that extends well beyond the beaches.

Myrtle Beach


Orlando: Few Florida destinations have the universal appeal that Orlando can boast. This city located in the central part of the state is favored by travelers the world over for its first-class accommodations and its endless list of things to see and do within its bounds. Visitors who come to Orlando often find they do not want to leave its metro boundaries, but if they do, there are plenty of things to see just beyond its reach.