Disney Vacation Club

“We have found Timeshares Only to be extremely professional and efficient.”

Elisa of Winter Garden, FL

“After many years of holding on to my timeshare, paying the maintenance fees, causing my whole family headaches, not to mention the financial struggle, we finally sold it! Thank you Timeshares Only for dealing with all my issues over the last few months and getting this thing sold!”

CSA Travel Protection

“Timeshares Only is clearly the leader in the United States offering top-notch service in timeshare resales, purchase and rental.”

Alexandria of Huntington Beach, CA

“My experience with Timeshares Only was fabulous. I’d recommend them.”

Aspen National Collections

“Timeshares Only is a highly professional and valuable organization that fulfills the needs of many timeshare owners ...”

Calvin of Greensboro, NC

“Timeshares Only has been good experience so far, informative and very professional. I've got one unit setup to be rented in July, I haven't rented it out yet but everything else has gone well. I got their name from someone down at Hilton Head and I use it to rent a property. The sales representatives have all been good.”


“Timeshares Only enjoys close and strategic alliances with high recognition brands ... and assists many timeshare owners who find themselves in the resale and rental marketplace.”

Roman of Norfolk, VA

“Timeshares Only has one of our timeshares in the Virginia Beach up for rental. So far it’s been positive. They’ve been cooperative and good business-like behavior, but no movement yet because I didn’t post it until a few weeks ago.”

First American Title Insurance Company

“I believe that you will discover that Timeshares Only will not only benefit timeshare owners ... but that they will also become an important contributor to the stability and vitality of the timeshare market ...”

Bob of Everett, VA

“We have purchased 2 timeshares from Timeshares Only and have been extremely satisfied with our purchase. We purchased the lowest price unit of the type we wanted at each resort.”