How to Sell Timeshare in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you've owned your timeshare for 2 years or 20, the decision to sell should not be taken lightly. Remember: your timeshare is a real estate property. Selling your timeshare is a complex process that should be handled by professionals who will ensure that every step is handled efficiently and legally. You may ask, "how do I sell my timeshare now?

Step One: Know Your Property Details

If you haven't visited your timeshare in a few years it might be tough to remember how many points are included with your vacation ownership or what week you own. This information will be

 vital to a successful sale, so before you do anything else, take a look at your ownership documents.

Can't find them? No problem. Call your home resort or developer (Hilton Grand Vacations, Marriott Vacation Club, etc.) and ask them to look up the property details for you.

Here's the information you'll need:

Sell timeshare

  • Home resort and location
  • Annual point allotment (if applicable)
  • Annual Maintenance fees
  • Week number and Season (if applicable)
  • Usage Type (i.e. annual, even year, odd year, etc.)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Sleep capacity

Step Two: Market Research

Don't worry! This step should only take a few minutes and all you'll need is an internet connection.

First, visit and click the white search bar toward the top-right corner of the home page. Type in the name of your home resort and hit enter twice.

Your home resort will appear in the search results on the next page. Click the bright green "View" button.

Scroll down the next page until you see a section titled "Listings". Here you'll see a table with similar timeshare properties for sale at your home resort. Make sure you select the "Sale" tab at the top right of the table to display only timeshares for sale, not timeshares for rent.

Now take a look at the "Total Price" column of the table to see what other timeshare owners are asking for their properties. Note that pricing should vary based on the Week Number, Point Allotment, and Season but you're just looking for a broad ballpark estimate of your competition.

When you post your timeshare for sale, you'll want to price the property in accordance with others on the market. Your price doesn't have to be the lowest, but it certainly shouldn't be the highest if you want the property to sell in a timely fashion. Try to come up with a competitive price that you're comfortable with and then move on to step 3.

Step Three: Post Your Timeshare for Sale

Now you're ready to put your timeshare for sale on the resale market! At this point you need to ask yourself, "How will people know my property is for sale?" Telling your friends and family that you plan to sell your timeshare is a good start. Verbally declaring your timeshare for sale might help you blow off some steam, but it's not very likely to get the property sold. You need broad exposure and advertising to attract timeshare buyers.

This is where Timeshares Only can really help you! We don't sell timeshares, but we do advertise timeshare properties for sale using our proprietary multi-media marketing approach.

We utilize television, radio, internet, billboards, and print media to provide global exposure to your timeshare property and attract purchase offers from around the world.

Step Four: Work with a Licensed Real Estate Broker to Complete the Sale

When a buyer is interested in purchasing your timeshare property, you will be contacted by an agent from one of Timeshares Only's partner real estate brokers. They will present the offer to you and it is your choice whether to accept, reject, or negotiate the offer. If you're feeling brave, you can even choose to handle the sale on your own, although most owners prefer not to.

From this point, the licensed broker will facilitate the timeshare resale transaction, handling contracts, deed transfers, and monies. Depending upon the property you own, this process could take several months, but when handled by professionals, it's mostly just a matter of patience for you.

Step Five: Celebrate Your Successful Timeshare Sale

This is it, the moment you've been waiting for! Enjoy the freedom of moving on from annual maintenance fees and take comfort knowing that this property won't become a financial burden for your family in the future.

Also, don't forget to call Timeshares Only and let us know about your timeshare sale so that we can take the property off the market and celebrate your success!

Step One: Know Your Property Details

If you haven't visited your timeshare in a few years it might be tough to remember how many points are included with your vacation ownership or what week you own." data-share-imageurl="">

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