Selling or Renting your Timeshare

How do I post a timeshare for sale or rent?

You will need to become a Timeshares Only Plus Member by calling 1-800-610-2734. One of our customer care agents will assist in upgrading your membership and creating your timeshare ad.

Is there any help through this process?

Absolutely! We have the best customer service in the timeshare resale market. Our agents are available by phone to assist you at any step in the process.

How do I sell a timeshare?

Start by creating a FREE Timeshares Only member account. Then browse similar timeshare postings to get a broad idea of average market prices. Next, call 1-800-610-2734 to speak with a resale specialist who will assist you with upgrading to a Timeshares Only Plus Membership. The Plus Membership includes multi-media advertising services that will help attract buyers to your timeshare property for sale.

People have said that I shouldn't pay an "up-front" fee to sell my timeshare. What are they talking about?

The timeshare resale industry has long been plagued by organizations that are "here today, gone tomorrow." Often, these companies would ask for thousands of dollars "up-front" to sell a timeshare and then disappear without a trace.

The Timeshares Only scam page details several common methods that scammers use. Please beware these unscrupulous organizations!

Timeshares Only was formed to bring absolute legitimacy to the timeshare resale industry. We are committed to being the most trusted name when customers choose to buy a timeshare, sell a timeshare, or book a timeshare rental.

Timeshares Only is a cooperative advertising company that pools the resources of our advertisers into a single focused initiative - To match those who want to buy a timeshare with those who want to rent or sell a timeshare - worldwide.

I read somewhere that it is illegal in the state of Florida to require an "up-front" fee for the listing of a timeshare. Is that true?

It is if you are a Broker. Section 721.20, Fla. Stat., does prohibit a real estate licensee from accepting up front money for the listing of a timeshare. Timeshares Only is not a Broker and does not take listings - only advertisements.

What about Florida Statute 501.615?

Florida Statute 501.615 specifically refers to telemarketers. Timeshares Only is not a telemarketing company and does not make unsolicited phone calls. Timeshares Only and it's employees work strictly within the limits of all Florida laws.