Wondering if you should take your pet on vacation? Understandably, it can be hard to leave your furry-ones behind. If you don’t want to say goodbye again, we’ve got a few tips so you can vacation with your best friend.

Taking Your Pet On Vacation

vacationing with pets

We realize pets are part of the family and it can be hard to see their sweet sad faces when you leave for yet another trip. If you plan on taking a timeshare vacation, we’ve found some pet-friendly timeshares for you and your furry one.

Dogs need more room to roam so staying at a resort can give you added trails to walk with your dog. Not to mention, many timeshare resorts are located on or near a beach, so you can have a day in the sun with your best friend. Be sure to call your resort first so you can abide by their pet policies, and have a comfortable stay for your whole family. You can take your pet on vacation and feel relaxed knowing they’re welcome.

Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots

Lakes Resort and Spa in Orlando by Westgate

The Lake Resort and Spa in Orlando by Westgate is world-class and located in beautiful Kissimmee, Florida. With ten pools and hot tubs, you and the kids will have an incredible time lounging in the sun. With boating, fishing and shopping opportunities right nearby, you can have a great vacation for everyone.

Vacation Villas in Kissimmee by Westgate

take your pet on vacation

Just a mile from the coveted vacation destination, Disney World, Vacation Villas in Kissimmee by Westgate will be perfect if you want to be amused. Nearby you’ll also find Universal and SeaWorld. Not to mention, the childcare and planned activities will give you some free time to relax by yourself.

Town Center Resort by Westgate

With an endless selection of recreational activities, you won’t get bored at Town Center Resort by Westgate, a gorgeous Florida timeshare resort. The short drive to Disney will make you glad you chose to stay here. Town Center resort also offers live entertainment and karaoke, so you can immerse yourself in the music.

Disney Dog Boarding

Did you know Disney offers dog boarding? Check out their services at Best Friend’s Pet Care. Keep in mind, dogs are not allowed in the parks unless they are a service dog. But, dogs can’t ride roller coasters anyway, so this should be no surprise!

Leaving Pet at Home on Vacation

Electing to leave your pet at home on vacation may be the best option for you depending on your travel arrangements. Just be sure to have a family member or neighbor check in on them daily to give them love and food. As a general rule, cats can be left alone for eight hours and dogs can be left alone for six hours. Try to schedule someone to keep them company while you’re away! It’s nice to leave a family member or friend with your pets because you’ll already know them really well. Alternatively, you could look into a kennel near your home that you trust.

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Timeshare Resales for Pet Owners

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Do you vacation often? It may be in your interest to look into buying a timeshare resale! Timeshares are a great way to guarantee vacations for you and your loved ones (pets included) for years to come. If you think timeshares are scams or just the same resort, same week, every year… think again!

Timeshares are changing all the time and new perks are added constantly. What’s more, vacation ownership gives you the freedom and flexibility to craft vacations you love with the security of knowing you’ll be traveling again soon.

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