Pet friendly timeshares

Travel with man's best friend to pet friendly timesharesThere’s nothing more exciting than making the decision to take that vacation you’ve been looking forward to! Everyone finally agrees on that perfect location and you are ready to start making all the plans. Unfortunately, you forgot to consult someone else: your pet. Speaking from experience, it can be very stressful (not to mention expensive) to board your pet and not bring them along. You’ll also miss each other terribly and they might even start to wonder if you’re ever coming back! Once they give you THAT look, you both know they are going to be tagging along! It’s time to start looking for a pet friendly timeshare.

As you think about the right pet friendly timeshare vacation for your family, consider your pet’s needs, too. Not everyone’s pets are the same, and while a resort may be great for a cat or small dog, it may be too small for a larger breed of dog. Large pets deserve more room to run, while smaller animals may enjoy a more cozy area. Research the timeshare you are considering and ensure the needs of your furry family members are met.

Tips on traveling with your pet

Always make sure your pet is micro-chipped. Even though we don’t like to think about it, something could go wrong and your pet could get lost! The last thing you want is them to be aimlessly wandering around looking for you in an unfamiliar and scary place. In addition to the micro-chip, always make sure your pet is wearing proper identification. Again, it’s hard to imagine your pet getting lost, but it does happen. It’s also a good idea to make a temporary tag with the dates and location where you’ll be staying on your vacation. It will save you a lot of tears and heartbreak!

Planning ahead is key. Always make sure you have plenty of food and water on hand. Four hours before the trip, give your pet food and water.

Travel with your cat to the best timeshare resorts

Just before you get in the car to leave, make sure your pet has a chance to use the bathroom. Some pets will need to be placed in a carrier. A few weeks before your trip, make sure you leave the cage or carrier out in the open to let your pet get used to it. If you are traveling by airplane, always make sure you keep an eye on the weather where you are traveling to. The airlines will not allow any pets in cargo if the touch down location is colder than 45 degrees or hotter than 85 degrees. If you are flying to a hot, tropical location, schedule a flight for nighttime. If you are visiting somewhere cold, pick a flight during the day. 

Take pet to vet before travelBefore you leave for your vacation, take your pet to the veterinarian for a quick check-up. Believe it or not, pets can also get car-sick, sea-sick, and super stressed out during long trips. Your vet may be able to prescribe some medication to make your pet more comfortable during your upcoming travels. Make sure you bring along all of your pet’s favorite things. Having familiar items and keeping his routine relatively the same will help calm your pet’s fears and make him feel like he never left home.

Tips for staying in a timeshare with your pet

Vacations make memories that will last a lifetime and can now include your whole family. Consider buying timeshares that are pet friendly and take the stress out of your family holidays. A pet friendly timeshare can be the solution that makes everyone happy, including your pet. Timeshares are a perfect accommodation for pets because it provides an environment with enough space to roam around and play, luscious grounds for long walks and best of all, their family close by. When you arrive and check in, ask the front desk or staff if there are any animal friendly amenities around that area. There may be pet-friendly restaurants with outside seating so you can bring your pet with you. Any nearby dog park would also be a great treat for your pet.

kittens-love-sleeping-in-pet-friendly-timesharesMake sure you are courteous to the other guests staying at your timeshare. Strangers will have less patience with your dog barking at 2 in the morning than you might. When you first arrive, take your pet on a walk around the resort and allow them to become more familiar with their surroundings. If your pet is allowed on your furniture at home, make sure to bring a sheet or blanket to cover the bed so they don’t ruin the bedspread while making themselves at home. Also, you can use the resort’s towels or extra sheets to cover any chairs or window seats. Since your pet may not have been the first animal in this room, bringing some kind of pet cleaning solution may be a good idea. Animals are known to mark their territory to show dominance, so keep this in mind while packing. Not to mention, even the most well trained pets may still have an accident in this new and unfamiliar environment. 

If you need to leave your pet alone in your timeshare for any reason, make sure they are crated and you place some sort of “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. Make sure you give the front desk your cell number in case anything goes wrong while you’re gone.  Most timeshares aren’t cleaned every day, so always schedule a time with the maids when you can have your pet out of the room. Nothing would make your pet more upset than being stuck in a strange place with a strange person, especially when you aren’t there to keep them at ease  

As soon as you arrive in your room, place your pets food and water out. Make sure it is in an obvious and accessible area for them. If your pet has a bed, place that out, too. Play with them right away so they emulate your playfulness and calm demeanor. They will see that this place is fun and they shouldn’t be scared. Another beneficial tip is to turn on the TV or your iPod. The sounds may be familiar to your pet and make them feel more at ease. If your animal requires walks, take them out more than usual. This allows them to get out and stretch, tire themselves out and give them plenty of opportunities to “do their business.” 

Take your pet on vacation with you

Pet friendly timeshares understand your desire to have your four-legged friends close by and have made special arrangement to make it a great and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Come discover new adventures with your pet as you explore new sights and sounds and with pet friendly timeshares for sale and rent all over the country. Hopefully these helpful pet friendly timeshare hints will allow you to fully relax and enjoy your vacation with ALL your family members! 


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