Vacation ownership continues to be a popular alternative to traditional vacations. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder frequent travelers all over the world are opting to purchase timeshares. But even though the industry is growing for the eighth straight year in a row, some vacation owners may find that their timeshare no longer fits their lifestyles or travel needs. If you find yourself making the decision to sell your timeshare, here’s why now is a great time to do list your property on the resale market.

With such a high rate of owner satisfaction, it might be surprising to know that there are vacation owners looking to get out of timeshares. Many owners enjoy their timeshares for years before deciding to pass on their property to another owner. Sometimes, an owner’s financial or family circumstances change and their vacations follow suit. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, luckily there are ways to exit your timeshare agreement.

Holiday Inn Club's Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, FloridaWhen you step into your vacation villa at Orange Lake Resort, be prepared to experience the best Orlando has to offer! This family-friendly resort is located right next door to Walt Disney World and features on-site activities for all ages. Spread out in separate bedrooms with space in the living and dining rooms for the whole family. This Award Winning resort is part of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations brand, a company dedicated to creating lasting memories for their guests. If you are looking to kick your family vacations up a level, take a look at our current listings to buy an Orange Lake timeshare today.  Already own one?  We can help you sell your timeshare or rent it out.